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How do you transfer pictures from a cell phone into a computer?


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May 02, 2012 5:52PM

first of all you have to have internet on your phone . if you do , then you can send to your own email , if not then you are sol.. Most mobile phone companies want you to "e-mail" the pictures, that way they can charge you more. You can purchase access software and a cable for most of today's phones from the phone manufacturer. Contact the manufacturers web site for details.
use a usb cord. plug the main (large) end into your computer, and the adapted end into ur phone's usb port. if the adapted end doesnt fit, you need to use a different size of usb. you can get a set of all usb sizes at walmart for around $15. once you have successfully connected ur computer to ur phone, a small balloon should pop up on the lower right side of your will say something like "installing driver". that means it is looking for the basic software to transfer the pics. after a few minutes, another balloon should pop up either saying "driver installed successfully" or "driver was not installed successfully".

if it was the 1st, go to start>computer>pictures. a new folder should be there. open it, and hit ctrl a on ur keyboard.then hit ctrl c, go back to pictures, click "new folder" up at the top. then open it and hit ctrl v. now you can disconnect ur phone.

if it was the 2nd, try disconnecting and reconnecting ur phone, and reconnecting again. if it still wont work after several times, go online and search ur phone's model, then driver. when you have downloaded the driver software, try reconnecting your phone. it is important to hav ur phone disconnected while downloading/installing the driver software. if this still doesnt work, idk wut to tell u.