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The Tote N' Go seat that was recommended in the previous answer is a TERRIBLE seat! I do not know a vehicle it can be PROPERLY installed in and used. Also it is a forward facing only seat so it can not be used for children under a year old or 20lbs. For great info about the Tote N' Go check out this site: An idea to help tote a carseat with you, you can always strap it to a little rolling cart that you would use in an airport. A couple bungee cords and your set! If you are really against carrying a car seat around with you then you might consider a seat called the Sit N' Stroll made by Safeline. It's a carseat and stroller in 1. It's not a great seat, but it does function, and better then the Tote N' Go. Jen E... Cert. Child Passenger Safety Technician and mom to 3 in seats! More advice from FAQ Farmers: * There is one product out on the market that can be somewhat of a help if your kids are 25-40 pounds. I've seen it in stores and it's a 5 point harness system that weighs less than 5 pounds. I just searched for it online, it's called Tote 'n Go Portable Car Seat. Happy Trails!

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Q: How do you travel with children in taxis without dragging car seats along everywhere?
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