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Both are reset through the radio * ** *** Note: to reset the "Change Engine Oil" lite, press the gas pedal to the floor 3 times in 5 seconds (vehicle in ON position, but without starting engine). I just did this to my vehicle and it works. As far as the tire pressure, inflate tires to 32 PSI. Should work. * To reset the tire pressure indicater on models without the RDS radio, check your tires to be sure of proper inflation. Then pull the headlight switch to the running lights position 3 times (on, off, on, off, on). You will here a beep when the sensors have been reset. The sensors on the tires will trigger if there is a 7 lbs pressure difference between the highest and lowest tires.

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Q: How do you turn off change engine oil and low tire pressure lights on 2000 Chevy Impala?
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How do you change bulb on instrument panel of 2000 Chevy Impala?

you cannot service panel lights on 2000 impala . you hav to replace the instrument cluster.

How do you reset low tire pressure light on a Chevy Impala 2000?

The low tire pressure is reset through the radio Turn on the ignition to the point where the lights on the dash are on but the engine is not running. Then pull out the light switch until the parking lights come on. Then press in until they go off. Do this three times and you will hear beeps in rapid sequence. Then the pressure light will go off.

How reset low tire pressure light on a Chevy impala 2003?

turn the parking lights on and off 3 times

2003 Impala clicking from behing glove box and lights flash radio and reverse and brake lights after engine is turned off what is the cause?

The BCM (Body Control Module) of the Passlock system is malfunctioning. It will need to be replaced. I just had it done to my '03 Impala.

How do you change the lights behing temp controls in 2002 IMPALA?

I am wondering the same thing ....waiting to hear.

Can you install fog lights on a 2004 impala?

Yes, fog lights can be installed in the 2004 Chevy Impala. These lights come standard in this make and model.

On my 2003 Chevy impala dashboard lights no longer come on at night?

dash lights radio info center lights do not work all the time. change the fuse but that did not solved the problem

Interior lights in your 2000 impala don't work what do you need to check?

A blown fuse will cause your 2000 Chevrolet Impala interior lights to stop working. The fuse box can be located in the engine compartment. A listing of the fuses can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box.

How do you change the backup lights on a 2001 Chevrolet Impala?

As per the intructions on page 6-39 of your "Owner's Manual"...

Do the 1966 impala have round tail lights?

No, the 66 has the rectangular tail lights. 68 has round lights. I own a 66, but I prefer the 68 tail lights. google Impala images.

Why wont your lights shut off on your 2004 Chevy impala?

becaus the 2004 Chevy impala does not have automatic lights and they have to be turned off manually

How do you change the brake lights on a 2002 impala?

See your "Owner's Manual" under Service & Appearance Care - Bulb replacement...

Lights on the dash nuff already how can you turn - disable - the lights on your dash tire pressure service engine soon abs trac engine security light. can these lights be disabled?

Are you saying that all these lights stay on after you start the car? If so, you need to get the problems fixed that are causing the lights to stay lit. You have these problems. ABS-Anti-Lock Brake System problem. Check Engine- Emissions Controls Problem Trac- Traction control turned off Tire Pressure-Low Tire Pressure Security-?? Read your owners manual carefully.

How do you turn off the light on a 2000 Chevy Impala?

What light? Headlights / Parking lights can only be turned off while in park. turn the engine off, set the parking brake. Start the engine..... as soon as you remove the parking brake the lights will come back on

What are the warning lights on the 2008 Honda Civic?

There are several warning lights on a 2008 Honda Civic. The main lights are for the brake system, air bag system, check engine, tire pressure, oil pressure, and battery power.

How do you reset the messages such as Low Tire Pressure on a 2000 Chevy Impala with an after-market stereo?

With the key turned on ( not started ), click your parking lights on 3 times

Why are the Engine and oil lights on?

The oil pressure is not registering and the computer has set a trouble code.

Can you change the tire pressure monitor setting on a 2008 Cadillac DTS?

No, if you mean by "change", to change the pressure at which the dashboard indicator or message lights up to indicate low or high pressure. You can, however, turn the system off.

Why does the engine oil pressure lights keeps coming on and stop switch engine off engine in red lights - T reg VW Golf?

Buy a gallon of oil and a third grade English book. Add one of them to your engine and read the other. You choose.

How do you fix a 2000 impala's Dash lights they stopped working?

Replace the bulbs, change the fuse if its blown, and check the wiring to make sure its not damaged.

Why does your 2000 Alero oil pressure lights up?

U need a new oil pressure sensor or u might lock up your engine

How reset low tire pressure light on a Chevy impala 2004 with aftermarket radio?

I have a 2004 Impala SS. I currently have a aftermarket deck, the only other way to turn off the low tire pressure light is either 1) bringing it into the dealer, or 2) turn your key to the accessories position, turn your lights on and off three to five times, and it should have shut off your low tire pressure light.

Chevy Impala dash lights?

The dash lights on a Chevy Impala is used to illuminate it during night time driving. There are a series of bulbs spread out throughout the dash to light up all areas.

How to reset the oil change light on a 1996 ss impala classic?

(All performed while car is not running)...Place key into ignition and turn enough only to engage lights/warnings/etc... but not starting engine. While key is in this position, press the gas pedal 3 times and "change oil" light should go out.

How do you fix dash warning lights on a 2000 Chevy impala that say service traction system and check engine that only come on periodically?

go have your car serviced at the dealership. they can fix it.

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