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To reset your service light here are the steps.

1. Get in your car and shut the door.

2. Put your key in the ignition

3. Turn your ignition key to position 1

4. Push in your Odometer reset button and hold it in while holding it move the ignition key to position 2 while holding down the odometer reset button.

5. After couple of seconds of holding the button down and the key in position 2 your service light will start to blink once that happens let go of the reset button and start the car.

This should reset your service light and a service light on your Volvo C/S/V70 cars from 1999 onwards.

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Q: How do you turn off service light on a 2002 Volvo S80?
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How do you turn off the air bag service light on Volvo s80 1999?

Just turn off the air back service light..

How do you turn off a Volvo v50 service light?

In order to turn off a Volvo v50 service light, one might look to the help of a mechanic. Mechanics can hook the car up to a diagnostic machine and find the issue of why the light is on.

How do you turn off the service engine light on a 2002 Cadillac Escalade?

"How do you turn off the service engine light on a 2002 cadillac escalade?" When replacing oxygen sensors, will the service engine turn off?

How do you turn off oil service light on 2002 BMW Z?

change the oil

How do you turn off service light on a 1996 Volvo 960?

What is the DTC ( data trouble code) Your question can not be answered without that info

What does a green speedometer like light mean on a 2002 Volvo s40?

This light means that cruise control is on. Turn it off by sliding the switch on the left stalk in the way

How do you turn off the service light on a 96 Volvo 850 Sedan?

There are a few ways you can go about doing this: 1. a Volvo dealer2. a mechanic who works on volvos3. you own the service light reset tool. you can buy the service light tool at it will cost about $180. direct link to tool:

Reset service light on Volvo v40 car?

turn key 1 click keep your finger on milage reset button turn key another click do not start the car when the service light starts flashing take your finger off the button switch car off and the service light should stay off

How do you turn off time for service message on Volvo s60 2002?

Turn key to position and hold odometer button, while holding turn key to position 2, within 10 seconds release odometer button, turn key off...light will be off next time you start car.

Turn off service light on seat arosa?

how do you turn of the service light on a 04 seat arosa

How do you turn service light out on peugeot 307?

Service your car.

How to aim Volvo s 40 headlights?

There is a knob behind the light assembly, turn it to adjust the the light.

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