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How do you turn off the lights in the lower part of the doors on the 2 door LeBaron?

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You don't. Apparently the spring load push button switch is not being pushed in far enough to disconnect because the door is not shutting all the way. Try putting a piece of furnance tape over the switch as you push it in by hand.

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My 1994 Chrysler lebaron door locks keep opening and closing while driving?

Make sure you lock all of the doors and hope for the best.

Why will interior lights not go out on a 96 Cherokee?

Have you inspected all doors to see in the door sensor is being depressed when door is closed?

Coutesy lights without door ajar?

If your courtesy lights are staying on with the doors closed and there is no door ajar warning light , check on your dash to the right of your headlight switch. There is a dimmer wheel switch for your guage lighting , if it has been rotated all the way up that turns on your courtesy lights when the doors are closed

When was 2 door convertible Chrysler lebaron head light design change?

They went from the hide-a-way lights to the molded lens in 1993.

Warning lights for brakes lights and open door won't go off?

TRy changing your brakes and closing your doors while driving.

What do people hang on their doors for Christmas?

People hang various items on their doors for Christmas, including wreaths, holiday door covers, bells, and lights.

Why does your alarm not work on your 2010 Nissan Altima?

Check and see if the interior lights come on when you open each door. open one if lights come on shut it and wait for the lights to go off and then open another until you open all the doors. if the lights don't come on with one of the doors it will be a bad door switch on that door. if lights come on on all doors it may be the trunk. check and see if you have a trunk open warning displayed on the information center on the instrument panel. if so the car thinks the trunk is open and alarm won't set.

Why do the dome lights stay on when the doors are closed?

Either the manual light switch is on or the door switch is damaged.

Where is the fuse and what would cause the dome and side door lights to remain lite when the doors are securely shut on a 92 Taurus?

The likeliest answer is that the dimmer switch (the one that controls the brightness of the dash lights at night) was accidentally moved up to it's highest position, when it is set there the interior lights come on. Try moving it down to a lower position and see if that fixes it. If not the switch at one of the doors is broken and thinks it is always on.

How do you get the dome lights and door lights to turn off in your 2001 jetta while you're driving it and the dome light switch is in the off position?

Try closing the doors?

How to remove door panels on 4 door lebaron?

The four door Chrysler LeBaron door panels are held in place with two retaining bolts and eight retaining clips. Remove the retaining bolts and pry outward on the retaining clips.

Why does the inside dome lights stay on after the doors are closed on a 1999 grand prix?

you either have a bad door switch, any of them could be bad. or you have the lights physically turned on at the switch.

What is wrong if your door ajar light stays on and when you slow down the lights come on?

you may have a circuit or you can check your doors for any malfunctions

Interior lights are alway on jeep?

Check all the door and light switches, they are turned on by twisting the light switch to the left, also the pin switches on the doors will activate the cabin lights.

Why do the door lights stay on while you are driving a Pontiac Grand Prix?

It is possible that the switch in one of the doors is stuck in the open possition. It is possible that the switch in one of the doors is stuck in the open possition.

Are there any reports about problems with the LeBaron door hinges falling apart?

It depends on what you mean by "falling apart". The portion of the hinge welded to the door has been known to crack on occasion, as well as hinge pins wearing out. Also, is your car a coupe, convertible, 4-door? The convertible doors are the heaviest.

How do you disengage a 99' jeep wranglers door lights?

Most Jeep Wranglers have a door light cutoff fuse. Look in the fuse box and read the labels. You should just be able to remove the fuse to kill the lights if you have removed the doors.

Why won't my car doors close on my 1993 Chrysler lebaron?

2 door or 4 door..?? if you have he car on a jack/ jackstands and its a 2 door conv.. when you open the door the chassis sags as you lose rigidity. elsewise on a 2 / 4 door the locks could be duff with age.. clean em up with a squirt o wd40 or 3 in 1 oil

Your 2004 mountaineers interior lights stay on after that doors are closed you have to pull the fuse to shut them off what is the problem?

Does the door ajar light stay on? Try spraying the door latches liberally with WD-40 or similar product Operate doors a few times Spray door latches with a silicone spray

How do you adjust the lights to come on in your Honda Odyssey when you open the doors?

I have a 2004 and there is a rocker switch on left side below radio that has 3 settings for interior lights. I believe UP is for lights on all the time and the neutral or middle setting is for lights on with door open and the Down setting is for lights off all the time which would be for having doors open for extended period of time (to save battery).

Why do the inside lights in my 2005 Chevrolet Malibu not come on when the doors are open?

If a fuse is not bad then you most likely have a bad door jam switch.

How do you get the interior lights to shut off when you take the doors off a 1991 Jeep Wrangler Sahara?

on each door, there is a button on the door frame close to the dash that activates the lights. Pull the connections form the switches on each side. On my 91, the passeger side has 1 connection & driver's has 2, mark then to get them back in the right place when the doors go back on.

How do you turn off interior lights dome and floor in 1993 ford tempo 4 door?

First shut all the doors then use your light switch to turn off or on dome lights if that doesn't work it could be a bad door pin switch

What would cause interior lights and side step lights to continuously stay on in a 99 Lincoln Navigator?

You probably have a door sensor out, they detect whether or not the doors are closed, so the car thinks a door is open. It is a little button that gets pushed in by the front of the door by the hinges. They are cheap and easy to replace.

How do you get the door panel lights back on for a 1997 aurora?

The Front and rear doors are held on by two screws on the very bottom of door panel use a 7mm socket to remove them. Inside the door handle bezel there is a round plastic piece that you can remove with a flat screwdriver and there is a screw under it. Then just lift up on the door panel to remove. There is a clip for the lights in the doors then just remove plastic and change bulbs. You could always check your fuses first.