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smash it with an axe as fast as you can

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Q: How do you turn off the security light on a 95 camaro?
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1994 camaro Security light is on car starts and runs how to turn off light?

Check the door hood and trunk switches. The security system is telling you that it will not set securely.

How do you turn securty light off on 1989 Buick Rhetta?

how do you turn off security light on 1989 Buick Rhetta

How do you reset the security light on 1997 Camaro?

unhook the negative cable from battery for 10 minutes. Hook negative back up and turn ignition key to on position. Leave on for atleast 20 minutes or until security light goes off.

How do you turn off oil change light on 2001 camaro?

Warning lights come on when there is an issue. A Oil change light with turn off when an oil change has taken place.

How do i turn off the security light on the dash board on a 2003 montecarlo?

punch it out

How do you reset the security light in your 2003 Oldsmobile Alero?

When your security light comes on and your car will not start, turn you key to the on position and wait 10 minutes. The light will go off and you need to turn the key to the off position, then restart your car.

How do you turn off security light on a 2007 Ford Focus?

find the button or ask how

How do you reset security light on oldsmoblie Aurora?

turn the ignition off for 3 minutes

What if your car will not start the security light stays on .what do you do?

is your security light flashing? turn the key on, leave on for 10 mins, turn key off let it sit for 2 mins, start car

How do you turn off security system on 1999 chev suburban?

turn the ignition switch on (all the lights in dash light up) but do not crank engine. leave on for half hour untill security light goes off. turn off ignition, wait 30 seconds then start engine.

How do you turn off security light 1987nissan 300zx?

The security light will blink when either door, hatch, or hood is opened and will continue blinking until it is closed. Check all 4 switches for proper operation. If the bad switch is disconnected it should turn off the light. If the security light is on constantly instead of blinking that is to let you know that the alarm system is activated and should turn off after a few minutes.

How do you turn off security light?

I know for my grand am, I have to leave my key in the ignition for 15 minutes.

How do you turn off the security light on an Oldsmobile alero?

I've had this problem where I couldn't start my car and it turns out it was because the security light was on. To fix it: Place the key in the ignition and turn it one rotation (so battery is on) then leave it in the ignition for 10 minutes. Restart car and security light will be off.... also car will start!

Why does your security light stay on on your 1999 Chevy lumina?

It should turn off when the key is turned to the 'on' position.

How can you search the web with security on it?

you turn the security filter off...

How do you turn off a light if it is on a timer?

Usually there is a knob that clicks when you turn it, as you turn it the light will go on and off.

How do you turn off the webcam light?

How do i turn the green light off from the webcam i cant switch it off

Why does the security light stay blinking on your 2004 keyless entry Camry Toyota after you turn off the car?

The security light flashes when a programed key is not installed in the ignition, when you insert a programed immobilizer key in the ignition the security light will go out, the light flashes as a theft deterrent

How do you reset the anti theft system on 2003 alero?

Turn the ignition switch into the "On" position and leave for approximately 30 minutes. The security light will remain flashing for approx. 10-15 minutes. Then, will turn off and the modulator will reset. Then, turn the ignition to the off position take the keys out and the reinsert and start the car. The "security" light at this point will be off. Due to the security modular, the fuel pump is being shut off to control the theft of the car.

What to do to get the security light off the 1993 buick park avenue?

turn ignition on leave it on for 10 minutes then switch ignition off then you start the car

What happens when you turn off the light?

The light turns off.

How do you turn off 2001 Buick Century Security Light?

The black sensor on the key itself needs cleaned with alcohol.

When was Turn Off the Light created?

Turn Off the Light was created on 2001-08-14.

What does it mean by nullify?

Turn on the light, turn off the light. Turning off the light, nullifies the action of turning on the light -- to undo.

Do you say 'switch off the light or turn off the light'?

well most people say turn off the light but you could say switch of the light.