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If the light stays on, it shows that there is a hard fault in the fuel system, emissions control etc etc. Either disconnect the battery for 15 minutes or so or take it to a shop to get the code read..that will tell you what part is malfunctioning. There is no other way to shut it off because the light is controlled by the ECM.

I have taken it to the shop but the computer says there are no codes stored then the light goes out but a few days later it comes back on I take it to the shop and it is the same responce No Codes Stored and the light goes out

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Q: How do you turn off the service engine soon light on a 2000 Infinity QX4?
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go to a mechanic shop and get a scanner plugged in to your vehicles brain

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The light shows that a service is due It is distance or time related.

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you need to have the car's computer scanned to see what codes are making the service engine soon light appear.

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That requires an OBDII engine scanner.

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No it will not.

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2000 F150 Harley-Davidson

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