How do you turn on cookies?

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This only works for Google Chrome -

  1. Click the three dots at the top-right of your window.
  2. Click Settings (second-last option).
  3. Search 'Privacy and Security'.
  4. Click 'Site Settings'.
  5. Click 'Cookies and Site Data' (under the Contents heading).
  6. Choose one of the options.
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Q: How do you turn on cookies?
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How to turn off browser cookies?

You can turn off cookies in the settings of the browser. Cookies generally help in faster access of websites.

Why do cookies turn soft?

Crisp cookies will turn soft if they are stored with any baked product with high moisture, such as cake or sandwich bread. An apple slice stored with cookies will also make them soft, which is desirable for some types of cookies.

How do you turn on your browsing cookies on on your iPod touch?

Go to settings then to Safari and go down to cookies

Will cookies cooked on a stone cookie sheet turn out?

Yes, they will turn out just fine.

Why do your cookies always turn out flat?

the batter is too thin...

Why do soft cookies turn out tough?

because the'll dry up

Why do peoples cookies turn out the wrong size?

cookies never turn out the wrong size unless the person makes them to big. that's when they turn out to big. thet should be about the size of a small bouncy ball when you put the dough on the cookie sheet.

What is the difference between crisco and butter when baking cookies?

When you're baking cookies, if you use shortening instead of butter, your cookies come out higher. They don't spread as much as they do with butter, so your cookies turn out like the ones in the pictures instead of flat.

How do you make chocolate cookies with cake mix?

You really cannot make cookies out of cake mix, or vice versa. They will not turn out the same or correct at all.

Why can't you use oil instead of butter in cookies?

The texture and consistency would turn out different.

Where do you turn cookies on and off at on mac?

In the menu bar, under Safari, go to preferences. When the preference window opens, click on Security. You'll see 3 options for 'Accept cookies'. The default is 'Only from sites you navigate to'. If you want to turn cookies off... select 'Never' option. Then when you want them back on, select the default again.

When one substitutes margarine for oil when baking cookies why do the cookies turn out differently?

There is a large volume of water in margarine. This will make the cookies or anything drier and most likely crumbly. You can use oil in place of margarine in most things, but not the reverse.

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