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If you have central locking press the open button twice

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โˆ™ 2010-10-15 10:48:42
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Q: How do you unlock the petrol cap of the Opel Tigra?
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How do I unlock the petrol cap in the Vauxhall Vectra?

on my 53 vectra you have to unlock all the cr doors ie press remote twice. petrol cap will then open

How do you unlock petrol cap off a vauxhall corsa 1997?

make sure u unlock all the doors then the cap should unlock :-)

How do you unlock a halfords petrol cap?

you must get your acrtyers23 spanner and wrap it around your the 235 pin coil which you can find in the rectorars section of the cap. or hit it with a hammer

Where is the petrol cap release button on a vauxhall corsa 2003?

There is know release button on the corsa c, all you do is unlock the whole car which then unlocks the petrol flap then you can pull it open with your hand.

What fault could there be for a petrol smell in my fiat cinquecento?

I had this problem It was the fuel filler cap that was leaking petrol when cornering Replace the locking petrol cap

How do you change petrol cap cover on CITROEN Picasso?

undo 4/5 screws around petrol cap and remove.

Has the fiesta 2010 got a petrol cap?

Yes all cars have petrol caps

How to open petrol cap Ford Fiesta mark 5?

hi while parking near the petrol bunk the ignition was not switched off vendor pulled the petrol cap but it is locked now how to fill the petrol now please explain

How do you fit petrol cap door on vauxhall meriva?

how do I fit a petrol flap to a vauxhall meriva

How do you open petrol cap on corsa?

car doors must be unlocked then pull petrol flap

How do you open petrol cap on alto?

a small bird

How do you unlock a Murano filler cap door?

You have to unlock the car doors for the filler cap door to unlock. This means ALL of the doors, not just the drivers.

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