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In the large CHILTONS manual, 81-95 Ford Escort/lynx repair manual 8270-26240. Estimate cost $15. or less. In the body repair section 10. There is a complete diagnostic chart and pictures to help determine your problem. The diagnosis section on that vintage of seat about 8 pages long. In general, from my eperience. The system was faulty the day the vehicle was new. I purchase it in 1995 and it was in the Ford repair shop for this same shoulder belt problem (NOT RELEASING). It was never fixed by 2-3 Ford dealers and when it went out of warranty. Fords reply is out of warranty. Dear Henry Ford, if you are listening! Tell your people to either stand behind their product...or watch the Foreign Manufacturer drive over the top of Fords with no quality control or warranty provisions for Basic safety devices.

It is items like this that keep American lawyer with money and foreign cars to drive. They have to count on the vehicle getting them to court.

Can you hear me now!

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Q: How do you unplug the automatic seat belt on a Ford Tempo?
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How do you change the timing belt on a 1990 Ford engine?

From my research, as an owner of a 1990 Ford Tempo GL, there is no timing belt.

Can the ac pulley on a '94 ford tempo be bypassed with a smaller belt and no additional pulleys?

i know for a fact that a 93 tempo can be...the size belt is 62"

How do you adjust an automatic tensioner for your drive belt on a 1993 Ford Tempo?

If your tensioner is "automatic", or spring loaded in other words. It is not adjustable in most cases. They are either good or bad. If the spring does not hold the belt tight any longer, the tensioner has to be replaced, no adjustments are able to be made.

Does a 1990 Ford Tempo GL have a timing belt?

it should have a timing chain

How do you loosen a serpentine belt for a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 with an automatic belt tensioned?

Away from the serpentine belt

What is the red light that flashes beside the headlights light on the ford tempo?

Seat belt warning

How do you change a serpentine belt on a Ford Tempo 1992?

Hi their should be a diagrahm on or around the fan shroud

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1992 Ford Tempo?

I found the answer at

How do you stop seat belt noise in a 93 ford tempo gl?

if your not using the belt then when the sound starts just push the realeas button on the seatbelt and it will stop

Does a 1987 Ford Tempo LX have a timing belt or chain?

timing chain. so far my 1987 tempo gl has lasted 335,000 mi. with regular oil changes.

Where do you find automatic shoulder belt replacements for a 93 ford escort?

You can find 1993 Ford escort automatic shoulder belt replacement parts at most auto-parts stores. You can also find the replacement parts at most auto salvage yards.

How do you adjust the serpentine belt on a 2003 Ford E 250 Van?

Tension is automatic. There is no adjustment.

Can the passive shoulder belt on a 1991 Ford Tempo be unlatched?

no you will have to use a torque head bit and possibley a impact driver depending on how tight it is.

Why would the serpentine belt fly off a 1990 ford tempo?

idler pully is locked up,check it,change it. good luck

Does a 1999 Ford Escort have seat belt pre tensioners?

My 97 has pre tensioners. I see no reason for the 99 to not have it. Do you mean the seat belt has an automatic retracton? If so, the answer is yes.

Does a 98 Honda civic have an automatic belt tensioner on the Serpentine belt?

That I know of, there is NO serpentine belt, unless you are talking about the the Timing Belt (hardly serpentine, but anyway), it has a belt tensioner, not automatic, though.

If you have automatic seatbelts be sure to your lap belt?

Yes. If you have automatic seat belts be sure to your lap belt.

If you have automatic seatbelts be sure to your lap belt.?

Yes. If you have automatic seat belts be sure to your lap belt.

Where can i get a diagram for 1992 ford tempo gl 4 cylinder serpentine belt replacement?

Diagrams for the 1992 Ford Temp serpentine belt replacement can be found online. One site that shows the diagram is 2 Car Pros. There should also be a diagram under the hood of the car.

How do you change the timing belt on a 1990 Ford Ranger 2.3L 8 cylinder automatic?

Get a manual on your car from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM. It will have pictures and everything.

How do you disable an automatic seat belt warning sensor on a 1990 Mazda 626?

Since they are mostly like Ford Telstars then I would suggest that you simply unplug the wires under the seat. That's all I did in my Telstar and the alarm stopped working. However, it is there for a reason so I plugged it back in and it works again.

How do you take a belt tensioner of a 1987 Ford Tempo?

If you look carefully at the tensioner, you will see a square slot drive. Insert a ratchet in there and turn it. Can't remember if up or down, but you will see the tensioner slack enough to remove the belt.

What is the belt on the underside of the engine beside the serpentine belt on a 93 Tempo GL V6 Model?

It's the belt for the water pump.

How do you install a cooling system belt on a 94 Ford Tempo?

# Install belt on to all pulleys except belt tensioner # Using the extension insert it into the belt tensioner and push away from you.Carefully install the ribbed belt on the tensioner and slowly allow the extension to move toward you as tension is placed on the belt # Remove extension from belt tensioner and inspect the belt to be sure it is seated correctly on all the pulleys if not remove belt and reinstall

How do you put the belt back on after replacing the alternator on a 1996 ford explorer?

Release tension at automatic tensioner use a breaker bar and socket

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