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The collection agency garnished my pay wage in order to pay my debt.

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Q: How do you use garnished in a sentence?
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Use the word Garnish in a sentence?

The chef garnished our salad with colorful edible flowers.

How would you use the word garnished in a sentence?

Note that garnish, like many English words, has more than one meaning. So, I could say the meat was garnished with parsley, or I could say that the debtor's wages were garnished.

Give you a sentence with the word Garnished?

The garlic bread was baked in the oven and garnished with parsley before serving.

Can a certificate of deposit be garnished?

In some rare cases these can be garnished, but are not usually. Your income that is coming in from a job is generally what is garnished.

In Virginia can your wages be garnished for medical bills?

can you be garnished on your disibilty

Can wages be garnished in Illinois?

Yes, wages can be garnished in Illinois.

Can a retirement check be garnished?

Any form of income can be garnished, to a certain limit.can a retirement check be garnished for a auto repo.

Can military retirement pay be garnished?

Can my military retirement be garnished by a non-government agency? Can my military retirement be garnished? military retirement pay can be garnished through the government. It can be garnished like everyone else's pay, through the courts at any level.

If wages are garnished in the us and move to Canada can wages be garnished there?


Can money be garnished from safe deposit boxes?

Garnished, no, seized, yes.

Can retirement in Alabama be garnished?

Retirement and pensions cannot be garnished in the state of Alabama. Alabama also limits the amount that can be garnished from wages.

Can unemployment and or child support be garnished in Washington state?

Unemployment can be garnished for child support. I don't know how child support can be garnished, or for what.

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