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Try this.

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Q: How do you use the half ring trailer hitch device on a 1998 Montero to attach a standard trailer hitch?
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What is a safety sentry trailer device?

A Safety Sentry Trailer Device is a Safety Device that will prevent Accidental Separation from Towing Vehicle and Towed Trailer.

A peripheral device uses this to attach to the computer is?

a peripheral device uses this to attach to a computer

A peripheral device uses this to attach to the computer?


Why does a fuel tank have a chain attach to ground?

It is grounding device.

What is a garmin mount?

A Gramin mount is a device you can attach a Garmin GPS (satelite navigation) to in order to mount it inside your car. There's a cradle/bracket the device sits into, and a suction cup to attach it to the windscreen or dash.

Device that connects a trailer to a tractor is?

Kingpin and fifth wheel

What is a tongue or draw bar on a trailer or big rig?

Draw bar is a trailer attachment device. Tongue is the point on a pintle mounted trailer which attaches to a ball or clevice on the tow vehicle.

What does the device do to the message to get to the encapsulated data?

removes the Ethernet header and trailer

What does the peripheral device uses to attach to the computer?

Most use a port and a cable.

How do you make a Nerf grenade launcher?

the basic plans are simply to attach a 12 gram charger to a pvc pressure holding device, then attach that to a valve, and then a barrel.

How much does a dog tracking device cost?

The cost of a dog tracking device depends on what brand you would like. This is a website for a tracking device that will attach to the dogs collar.

A device receives an Ethernet frame and recognizes the MAC address as its own. What does the device do to the message to get to the encapsulated data?

Removes the Ethernet header and trailer

True or false the line in connector is a socket used to attach an audio source?

True. The line in the connector is a socket used to attach an audio source. The headphone connector is a socket that is used to attach an audio output device.

What is the name of a device attached to a firearm?

There are several. You can attach laser sights, silencers, flashlights.

Which device is used as the standard pointing device in a Graphical User Environment?


Which device is used as the standard pointing device in graphical user environment?


What is a peripheral device that can attach to a computer so that data can be exchanged between it and the operating system?

An interface is a device that interpretates data. A port is only the door in and out from the computer.

How do you redirect output to serialport?

The best way is to attach a serial port using device to the serial port of your computer and use your preferred program to send data to the device

Is a VDU a output device or input device?

It depends on the construction. A 'standard' monitor is simply an output device... however - a 'touch-sensitive' monitor is also an input device.

How do I attach a garmin gps to my bike?

To attach a garmin gps to your bike, you need to buy the gps, make sure it works, sync it to your location, and then simply strap it on with some sort of powerful device.

How would you describe an 18-wheeler What constitues a rig. Is it truck and trailer tractor and trailer or trailer and rig?

An 18 wheeler consists of a tractor (meaning something that pulls) and a trailer (meaning something that follows.) A semi tractor-trailer rig has a trailer that sits on top of the frame of the tractor on a coupling device called a "fifth wheel." The tractor has ten wheels with two on the front axle and four on each drive axle in the rear. The trailer has two axles with 4 wheels each. The tractor and trailer together are informally called a rig. Is that what you were after?

What is a converter dolly?

A converter gear or dolly is a coupling device of one or two axles and a fifth wheel by which a semi-trailer can be coupled to the rear of a tractor-trailer combination forming a double bottom rig.

How do you connect a new WiFi modem in dell inspiron1545?

FIRST install drivers THEN attach device

Is a LCDan input device or output device?

It depends on the construction. A 'standard' LCD display is an output device only. However - if it's a 'touch-sensitive' screen - it's both an input and an output device.

Difference Between Peripheral Devices And Hardware Devices?

A peripheral device, more commonly referred to as a peripheral, is a "device attached to a host computer behind the chipset whose primary functionality is dependent upon the host...". Thus, a peripheral is any device you attach to your computer which is not central to your computer's standard operation. Printers, scanners, game controllers, and security dongles are all examples of peripherals. This definition can be found here: The term "hardware device," however, seems a redundant phrasing, since any "device" by definition would be hardware.