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Use to send and receive online fax.


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The best phone to use for sprint internet is the Motorola brute i686.It has the best video and photo footage and high-speed internet,quick internet access,and the best phone for sprint internet.

a phone can use either 3g, 3gs or the new 4g internet.

If your phone is capable of connecting to your router, then the answer is yes. You can use it to get free internet on your phone. You just need make sure that your phone gets internet through wireless internet not from phone service provider (Verizon and so on).

You are now able to use your cell phone to connect to the Internet. This feature is called tethering. This can be done on a regular phone, you no longer need a smartphone to utilize the Internet through your phone.

If it is an iPod use YouTube or get Internet on your Phone and use YouTube

I don't have a home phone line, can I still use your service for fast internet?

Standard phone calls don't use the internet.

form_title=Bundle Internet and Phone Service form_header=Bundle these services into one bill and save! Do you currently have internet or phone service?= () Yes () No How much do you currently pay for internet and phone service?=_ Are you using the internet and phone for personal use?= () Yes () No

No but you do need access to the Internet. If you don't have a landline, if your mobile phone is capable of tethering, then you can use your mobile phone as a modem to access the internet. You should ensure that you are on an unlimited data plan if you use your mobile phone for internet access. You can also use public wifi hotspots for access to the internet.

Internet used on a phone, your data can be affected by downloads, going online, sending pictures through the internet, etc. Any use of Internet on your phone in general.

It's when you can use the Internet through a cell phone carrier.

The difference between communicatimg when using the cell phone and the Internet is for the cell phone you don't have to refresh it and the Internet you do. Also for the Internet you don't have just text you can use the computer cam and see them as well but the cell phone you can not.

It depends on your Phone, Carrier and how much you want to use.

If your phone is made for Internet use, your phone should have an Internet app such as Google Chrome. If it does not, you need to talk to an associate with China Mobile.

The best type of cell phone to use that is easy to access the internet with is a smart phone. There are many brands that are easy to use including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Lumia.

I got awcc gprs in my cell phone, I want to connect my phone to my laptop to use internet, I do not know how to do it

Yes, they send you a text message that contains a hyperlink. You cannot click on the hyperlink without internet on your phone. Therefore, phone zoo will not successfully download anything unless your phone has internet. Hope this helped! xo Daena

No , Not Unless You Actually Use The Internet. If You Only Use The Text Messages Then It Won't . I Have It And It Does Not Cost Anything. And I Don't Have Internet On My Phone!

No you can not use dial up on a cell phone. All cell phone providers offer their own internet service that can be included in your plan.

It is very easy to use internet phone service. You purchase the internet phone service you want. And it should come with a usb connection wich plugs into one of the many usb ports on your computer and then you download the software and follow all prompts.

You dont actually need a phone line to connect to the internet. U can use a modem also. =D

A dial-up internet connection uses up the phone line. During internet use the line is not available to make or receive phone calls. If you wish to be able to use the internet and talk on the phone at the same time you should look into getting a second phone line for the internet and have your first phone line for phone calls. Another option that may be available in your area is DSL. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has DSL service in your area and it is affordable I would recommend it as it is often fast than dial-up and can allow you to still make phone calls over the phone line, provided filters are installed to remove the DSL signals before they reach the phone.

your mobile needs a subscription to use net And YES you can use wifi if your mobile supports wifi

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