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How do you use the word self-esteem in a sentence?


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Self esteem is a noun, a personality trait meaning a feeling of self-worth - not to the level of pretentious, but more a feeling of contentment with either ones physical or mental condition.

  • She has always had trouble with her self-esteem, and it makes her so shy: it's a vicious cycle.
  • Just because I have high self-esteem, don't take that to mean I am vain.

Helping others whenever you can will give you a lot of self esteem in return.

Self-esteem is belief in yourself. Here are some sentences.

  • His self-esteem is very low, and he thinks he's a failure.
  • Letting a child do things on their own helps build up their self-esteem.
  • You've got a healthy self-esteem.