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How do you wire a 7 pole flat to a 6 pole round RV plug?

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If the vehicle harness was wired correctly to start with you may be able to buy an adapter from 7 flat to 6 round from the HOPPY company. Otherwise buy a circuit tester and install a 6 pole round pigtail connector on your harness using 3M scotchlok connectors. This will allow you to keep your original flat 7 connector too.

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Will a 2 pole wire work with a 3 pole plug?

A 2-pole wire will not work on a 3-pole plug. You will need to use a 3-pole wire on a 3-pole plug.

How do you wire a nema L7-30 plug?

This is a 277 volt AC plug. It is classed as a two pole three wire grounding plug. Green wire on the G terminal screw, white wire on the W terminal screw and the "hot" wire on the remaining screw.

Is the wide prong on an electrical plug connected to the black wire?

No, the wide prong is neutral it is the white wire. The narrow prong is hot it is the black wire. The round prong (in a 3 wire plug) is safety ground it is the green wire.

The round third prong in a plug connects to a ground wire?

Yes it should.

How do you wire a nema L5-20 plug?

An L5-20P is a two pole three wire grounding 20 amp, 125 volt plug . The neutral wire is connected to the W terminal, the ground wire to the G terminal and the hot wire to the only terminal that is left.

How do you wire a 2 wire cord to three wire plug in the United States?

You get a two wire plug!! You should never try to skip connecting the ground wire, the soul purpose of the ground is to create safety for you and others around you. the problem is that someone may assume that the ground is part of the wire since the plug is a three wire!! \You will have to skip the ground terminal on the plug. Usually plug has a green screw or wire, ground pin is longer than two other and round in shape.

How do you convert a two pin plug to a three pin plug?

You don't, in theory, because the ground wire is missing. But if you must, cut the end of and add the new three pin plug, the two flat pins are for the two wires, the round is for the ground that is missing. If something has only two wires,say a light fixture, adding a plug that has the three is useless because the ground wire is missing, so it does not become safer just because you added it. If the end is bad,then you get a plug end that comes apart and is made for adding to a wire, do not cut wire,add another plug end by splicing it together with electric tape.

Do you need a special wire for the xbox 360 stereo headset?

the headset does not connect to the console, but in a round hole on the controller. if there is no wire to plug in, it is a wireless

Is there a way to disable the oil sensor on a 1995 jetta iii celebration edition?

short the top to the base, either by covering with aluminum foil or wrap a bare wire round and round the base then up to the top with the plug ON. or short the plug on the harness wire to ground.

How do you change a plug?

hot wire to the small prongwhite to the large pronggreen to the round thingie

How do you tap off existing unused 220 wire and convert it to 110 for a plug in?

Take out the double pole breaker, place the white wire on the grounding bar along with the ground wire, install singe pole breaker(size needed) attach black wire onto new breaker and you now have 110 line.

What is a brown wire in plug?

The brown is a live wire in a plug and it is also a fuse terminal in the plug.

The electrical cord on the kiln only has three wires. How do you wire to a 3 prong plug?

Black wire to the gold screw, white wire to the silver screw, green wire to the round or U shaped prong screw.

What diameter round wire does it take to produce a flat wire of predetermined width and thickness?

The required diameter is 2 times the square root of ( width x thickness / pi )

What does it mean if your car jumps after getting a tuneup?

Spark plug wire not connected to spark plug? Spark plug wire connected to Wrong spark plug? Vacuum line disconnected? Bad spark plug or wire?

How do you hook up 4 wire stove plug to 3 wire outlet?

change the4 wire stove plug to 3 wire plug! 25 dollars at most local stores.

How do you change a three wire European plug to a three wire American plug?

hire an electrition

What would cause one spark plug wire to arc to the engine at the spark plug boot?

bad spark plug wire.

How do you wire a Nema L5-30 plug?

An L5-30P is a two pole three wire grounding 30 amp, 125 volt plug . The neutral wire is connected to the W terminal, the ground wire to the G terminal and the hot wire to the only terminal that is left. The small blade/slot is neutral (white), the larger blade/slot is hot (black) and the notched blade/slot is ground (green).

How do you change a four wire plug to a three wire plug?

I need a lot more information. I don't know what you mean by four wire plug. What does it look like, what was it used for? What three wire plug are you installing, what does it look like, what is it used for. What color ore the wires?

What is the brown wire in a plug?

In the UK it is the live wire

Why would spark plug not tighten?

The threads in the head may be dirty. Try cleaning them out with a round wire brush. If that does not work, try a different plug. If another spark plug will not tighten, then the threads in the head are damaged and you need them professionally repaired.

I have a1982 Chevrolet 305 and wan't to know were does the longies plug wire go?

to the furtherest plug! Plug #1 is probably the longest wire

How do you wire a trailer?

Check with your local auto parts store. They can get you a kit that contains everything you need to wire up a trailer including the tail light assemblies, side lights, wire harness and a male and female flat four plug connector.

How do you remove a spark plug wire on a toro lawn mower?

how to replace plug wire on a toro mower