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How do you wire in a tachometer in a 1995 Ford F150?


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2015-07-15 19:23:38
2015-07-15 19:23:38

If it has a distributor, follow the directions that came with the tach. The coil will be mounted on the left valve cover- just follow the coil wire from the distributor. If the vehicle has a DIS setup, you won't be able to use that tach as there is no distributor.


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i dont know whwere is the tachometer wire of 2001 ford windstar

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look at your trany it should have a wire going into it on the top side in the middle

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in the wire hrnes at front of intake plenum

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It is located on the front of the engine right by the distributor on the manifold. It has one wire right on the top of it.

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i had the problem with my 97 f150, the power wire to the computer had melted on the manifold and had to be replaced, check the wire to see if its grounding out

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