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I am not a lawyer. If you have a

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Q: How does a Chapter 13 come to an end after all payments have been made?
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How are back child support payments made in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Unaffected and not covered.

After a chapter 7 bankruptcy can mortgages report late payments?

Yes, late payments on mortgages can be reported. The chapter 7 discharges all unsecured debts, except for student loans, child support and certain taxes, and any balance due on secured debt after the collateral has been surrendered and sold. If you reaffirmed the mortgage and failed to make payments during or after the chapter 7, that can be reported. Late payments can also be reported. Many states prevent penalties for late payments if the payment is made within a certain number of days, but they can still be reported as late if not made on or before the due date.

What are the legal grounds for repoession?

Legal grounds are payments not being made...usually if there is a car involved, if 3 payments have not been made in a row and there has been no contact made with the signers. Reposession will be put into play.

Can your Chapter 11 be dismissed due to plan payments?

Chapter 11 is a corporate business bankruptcy where a reorganization plan is made while operating under protection. It is not a Chapter 13 with a specific payment plan.

You kept making car payments after discharged in chapter 7 if you stop paying and don't surrender the car can the lender go and undo your bankruptcy?

No. But, the vehicle will become a repossession if payments are not made.

What is the payment of reparatoins?

War reparations are the payments made between countries to cover the damages of war. Almost exclusively, these payments have been made by the defeated party.

Can a bank come to your home to collect?

Yes. If you have payments due to them which you haven't made then they have the right to come to your residence and request for payment.

If I own a home with a co signer and file a chapter 7 will their credit be affected?

If the mortgage payments are still being made then no - they won't be, however - if you default on the mortgage payments then yes - they will go after the cosigner and if it is not paid their credit will be effected.

Does social security payments count in figuring out the payment made to the bankruptcy court?

Social security payments are not a factor in the means test. However, they are a factor in terms of your budget and as to how much you have available to repay creditors under Chapter 13.

Does pay-pal take taxes out of payments made to you?

No,paypal does not take taxes out of payments made to you

If payments are not made on some wheels can the shop where they wear bought form repossess them?

yea they will come to your house and shoot you

You are current on your child support but have made the last few payments late and now have to go to court can you be sentenced to jail time?

There shouldn't be any jail time in a situation such as this - the objective is to ensure that the payments are made, and that has been done.

Filing bankruptcy should you keep making payments until discharge?

What payments? Chapter 7, 13, 11? Secured debt payments (mortgage, car loan, etc.) should be made after filing. Bills acquired after filing (telephone, electricity, cable, DSL, etc.), must be made. All others should not be paid, especially on a regular basis, or you may reinstate the debt.

Can your car be repossessed after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, if the creditor first obtains relief from the automatic stay. This is accomplished by filing a motion and proving that you have not made payments on the vehicle.

Can co signer take car if the payments are being made on time?

If I'm a buyer and I want to keep the automobile, can the co-signer take it away if all the payments has been made. I put the down payment on the truck and the insurance in my name.

Can a car be repossed after payments have been made?

Yes, if other terms of the contract are breached, such as having no car insurance.

Can child support be paid off?

Child support ends when all the payments ordered by the court have been made.

What can you do if you are in Chapter 13 bankruptcy but still cannot manage your mortgage payments?

The only viable option would be to discuss the matter with the lender and hope that an equitable agreement can be made. In lieu of such, the petitioner should contact the BK trustee to find out if the Chapter 13 can be modified.

What happens if you were not able to give your tax refunds in a chapter 13 because of economic reasons but still made all your plan payments?

If you are paying less than 100% of your debt to creditors, then you were required to at least give a portion of the refund to the BK Trustee (since it is considered income). The fact you made plan payments is irrelevant. If you had some unforseen expense come up- it would have been better to discuss this ahead of time with the Trustee. Your lawyer SHOULD have made you aware of this possibility. If you have no lawyer, you will still be held responsible for following BK law/procedures. So now it is up to the Trustee, either he will overlook this if you make higher payments (to make up for the tax refund money the Trustee did not receive) or he can ask the court to dismiss you BK (the court doesnt automatically dismiss a case, a party has to file a motion with the court). If your BK is dismissed, you will NOT be given a refund/credit for any plan payments made.

How are alimony payments made?

Do I take the alimony payments to the courts? Or to somewhere else?

If a few payments were made to a collection agency for a repossession after the fact will the repo come off of the credit report 7 years after the repo or 7 years after the few payments were made?

The report will be removed 7 years after the date of the last on time payment to the original creditor.

If you make double payments for a year for the next year will you be required to make normal payments or can you get away with making no payments until the 3rd year?

You cannot skip a year even if you made double payments for the first year, the bank considers those payments extra and hopefully you made sure the payments went to the principle, not the interest.

Can a bank that issued you a credit card take money out of your checking before the payment due date when all recent payments have been made on time?

Not unless you signed up for scheduled automatic payments.

Why should payments made be entered immediately into the accounting system?

to avoid duplicate payments

Balloon payments are payments that are?

Made at the end of a certain type of hire purchase agreement.

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