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Cheating is cheating, and I think a spouse is hurt whether the cheating is with a man or a woman.


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Whenever you feel the marriage is hindering your life not helping it. Or when your husband/wife cheats on you.

There is no special name for a woman whose husband cheats on her. The name of a man whose wife cheats on him is a cuckold.

i believe that would be the best solution,if your wife wants to be seperated.

First of all, sexual orientation is unchangeable. If a man is bisexual, then he will always be bisexual. Secondly, a bisexual man is by definition fully capable of loving his wife and being attracted to her. But if the man is actually gay, then that is a different matter altogether.

I guess he feels somehow his wife is doing him wrong or not putting out enough sex for him. Or it could be that he feels if she doesnt know about it, it is okay.

If you have absolute proof that your husband is cheating with this other woman then you should deal with your own problems with your husband first and yes, the other woman's husband should know. This is not an uncommon problem and most people (whether a husband cheats with another man's wife or a wife cheats with one of her friend's husbands) is very common and the victim of the cheating generally does tell the husband or wife that their spouse is cheating with their spouse.

UNFAITHFUL starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere

Your wife cheats on you with another man. Your wife cheats on you with another woman. Your wife cheats on you with a dog. Your wife cheats on you with a horse...

Ever heard of alienation of affection? A wife can sue the husbands mistress if mistress knowingly has an affair with your husband knowing he is married.

To be married and to be Bi-sexual. I see nothing wrong with that but I do feel that your mate, be it bf/gf or husband or wife has the right to know that you are Bi-Sexual. Then it will be up to them to end the relationship in their own best interests.

hinduism is being followed from ages...... wife feel respect for husband and husband would feel his responsibility. Hindu marriage system is such an incredible one that no one of husband or wife would feel to seperate so there is no divorce in hindu mythology but now it's different they would go to jury for divorce

If husband is in hurry and he does and tell you where also if he doesnt answer phone calls he also spends money for weird reasons hope it helped

It is either. If you are the husband your spouse is your wife. If you are the wife your spouse is your husband.

No, he only cheats on his wife if he stays out more than 3 months.

If you will not move on, Then move out. Make a choice and get it done.

After a husband cheats and comes home to his wife, he has broken that serious bond of trust and will have to earn it back which will take months to possibly a year or more. The relationship between the husband and wife will not be the same as she will always be reminded of his cheating and wondering if he still is cheating. Time is the factor to gain the trust back and treating the wife with respect and with love. If the husband cannot display this affection he would be doing her a favor of leaving her.

Definitely it will be very hard for a wife to have that intimacy she used to have with her husband. She will not know if her husband is thinking of his mistress while having intimacy with her. She will be uncomfortable and it will make her feel cold, which is natural for the betrayed partner. Most married men don't realize that wife will have a problem going back to what she used to have. She will also feel uneasy knowing that another woman shared her husband. This are some facts that we all face when we forgive our husband and let him back in our life.

A husband who cheats on his wife, who lies, who is mentally and physically abusive, who is lazy and doesn't help with household chores, who never has a kind word for his wife or children, who spends money on himself without a concern for the needs of his family.

Hopefully you had sex with your husband on, or about the time that you conceived. Tell your husband the happy news that he is about to be a father. He will raise the child as his own. And for goodness sake be more careful next time.

wife - "main chain" husband - "big pig"

If they are legally divorced? Yes he is free to marry someone else. If you are speaking in a religious context, depends on the religion, Christianity teaches that if a husband/wife commits adultery that they are not allowed to marry again (Matthew 19: 3-11).

There are several things a wife detests when their husband cheats: being made a fool of when she trusted him; feelings of inferiority that she is not good enough for him and therefore seeks generally a younger woman and the thought of another woman making love with her husband.

They are both hypocrites for cheating in the first place. They should obviously not be together.

The husband may feel bad about leaving the wife. Or maybe he isn't sure if he really does love her a little.

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