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It is like dealing with death. You will experience all of the signs "shock, denial, anger, sadness, and acceptance." You need to allow yourself to feel all of those things, don't hide it. Get therapy for this, it hurts and you will need help through it all. You may also be experiencing post partum depression. Even though you didn't have a baby, you can have baby blues from a miscarraige. Your hormone levels drop, your body experiences the shock of it and you become chemically imbalanced. If you need medication, get it. If you would rather try natural first, visit for tips on dealing with loss and depression.

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2006-04-08 22:20:00
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Q: How does a young woman deal with a miscarriage and finding out that she may have cervical cancer and may never be able to have another child?
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What is cervical neoplasm?

Cervical neoplasm is another name for cervical cancer.

How is cervical cancer transferred?

Cervical cancer is not transferred from one person to another person.

Can cervical cancer cause miscarriage?

tough one... Atypical cells on the cervix wont hurt the fetus, however if you've had treatment already for cervical cancer that involved surgery...yes it can cause miscarriage. A cone resection (the surgery) takes part of your cervix out, you lose the part of your body which keeps the baby in. this isn't a definite for miscarriage, you may be able to have your doctor go in and reinforce the opening (called a cerclage). Another thing to think of is that cervical cancer needs to be treated, and quickly. your treatment options may interfere with keeping your baby

How do people get cervical cancer?

It could be from fainting a lot and finding a lot. Jade Goody had cervical cancer and passed away 22nd March 2009

Can early miscarriage be associated with cervical cancer?

i dont know but is you do have a misscarige ia m really.really sorry.

What does the cervical cancer jab do?

well it stops cancer in the cervical area near the vagina , you can only get it if your sexually active but if you do get cervical cancer then the jab will stop it spreading into the rest of the body . you catch cervical cancer from another person you are sexually active with who has got a kind of cancer . for more info go to your local chemists and get/ask for a leaflet of cervical cancer jab

Can you have cervical cancer for 3 years?

Yes, you can have cervical cancer for years. Cervical cancer is a slow-growing cancer.

What is form of cancer starting with c?

cervical cancer? Cervical cancer

Is it common for cervical cancer to reoccur after having your cervix removed from previous cervical cancer?

If your cervix has been removed, you cannot get cervical cancer again. However another related cancer, such as vaginal or vulvar, can occur. Regular treatment and follow up is always recommend.

Is HPV cervical cancer?

HPV is not the same as cervical cancer. Some types of HPV can cause cervical cancer. Routine screening for cervical cancer can catch this progression long before it becomes cancer.

What are the treatments of cervical cancer?

As with any type of cancer, treatment for cervical cancer is going to depend on the staging of the cancer. Http:// is a good website that outlines treatment options.

What about cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is cancer of the cells lining the cervix which is the passage between the uterus and the vagina. You can prevent cervical cancer by monitoring risk factors for cervical cancer. Find out more about the several risk factors that increase your chance of developing cervical cancer.

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