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the 18 yr. old must apply for financing to buy the car of his/her dreams and obligate themselves to paying the payments .

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Q: How does an 18-year-old on Social Security obtain a car loan?
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Can you get a bank mortgage loan without having a social security number?

A Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID Number are generally required in order to obtain a mortgage loan.

Is it illegal to use a false Social Security number to obtain a bank loan?


Do you have to provide your social security number to get a car loan?

Yes. The business providing the car loan must run a credit check and that requires a social security number. While giving a retailer your social security number is optional, it isn't when trying to obtain credit.

Can someone on social security benefit's cosign for a loan?

Yes, someone on the social security can be able to cosign for a loan. The person cosigning the loan however has to have good credit regardless of his availability on the social security benefit.

How can you obtain a mortgage wihout a Social Security number?

Any good mortgage broker should have access to lenders that will allow a buyer to obtain a tax ID number and use that in place of a social security number. There are two specific lenders that specialize in this type of mortgage loan. Mark Saliens Senior Loan Officer

Can an authorized user of a credit card obtain any private information on the primary user such as Social Security number or loan balances?

No .

What information does one need to provide to obtain a Countrywide home loan?

Information required is social security number, income, amount of loan, what the property is worth, and source of income that will be used to repay the loan.

Can social security take your check if you are a co-signer on a student loan?

If you are on social security you should not be cosigning on a student loan. You would be guaranteeing that if the student doesn't pay off the loan you will. The federal government can garnish your social security benefits to recover student loan payments.

Can you borrow from social security to pay off debt?

No, Social Security is not a bank or loan company.

Can a representative payee for a social security disabled child get a loan on the child's disability check?

No, a representative pay will not be able to get a loan for a child's social security disability check.

Can a student Loan take money when your social security disability check under 750?

Can a student Loan garnish money, From your social security disability check when it is under $750.00

Do you need your social security card with you to apply for a loan?

Ye you have to

Can a payday loan garnish social security in Texas?


Can i get a payday loan with my child social security disability check without a prepaid debit card?

No, you will not be able to get a payday loan on a child's social security disability check with or without a debit card.

Can you transfer a student loan to another person's social security?

Absolutely not.

Can your wife claim your social security system loan in your behalf?


How can you get a car loan without having a social security number?

you can't

Can you collect payday loans with someone on social security benefits?

Not likely. Most insurers, if they know that they are on social security benefits, would not loan the money to them.

Can social security help get loans?

Yes, being on Social Security or Disability may allow a person to secure a loan. For example the payday loans services offers loans to individuals living on Social Security.

Has life lock ever been hacked before?

LifeLock has not been hacked in the past. However, the CEO of LifeLock, Todd Davis was hacked when someone used his social security number to obtain a loan. It is alleged that there are at least 25 people using Todd Davis' social security number.

Can you get a CHFA home loan with only a TIN number?

You can purchase a home loan through CHFA with a Tax ID or Social Security Number. However, some form of credit should be established or alternative credit payments of at least 24 months must be established to obtain a home loan.

Can you get a bank loan without having a social security number?

Well, I think you can because I don't have a social security number and I got a loan at Bank of America. This answer is NOT true! BofA REQUIRED SS#, to insure that they can thoroughly bleed you dry.

Can a person who receives Social Security be a cosigner for a car loan?

IF the lender approves, YES.

Do you need to provide your social security number to apply for a loan online with Bank of America?

Yes. Your social security number is required to apply for a loan. This is used to identify your credit rating, as well as within various identity confirmation systems.

Can social security check be garnished for school loan?

No, Section 207 of the Social Security Act prohibits regular creditors from garnishing or levy an individual's Social Security. The only way your Social Security can be garnished is if you owe money to the IRS, if you owe federal student loans, or if you owe child support or alimony payments.