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Very difficult. If it were that easy EVERY student would apply for residency. Why do you think a lot of students get married? It's not due to love but papers.

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Q: How does an f1 student become a US citizen?
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If a student on a f1 visa is in the custody of INS and might be deported can a us citizen marry him to keep him here?

Yes, but you would have to provide Immigration with proof that they are marrying because of love and not so that the student can stay in the US.

Can i find a good and cheap university in the US for F1 student visas for foreign students?

Yes, there are many cheap and good universities in the US for F1 student visa holders.

If an F1 student has a baby to an American citizen what happens when the F1 visa expires Will he have any rights to see this baby?

He or She has to go back home or apply for a permit to stay in US. But he won't have any promises or rights to see or stay with the baby. Only way is he or she should better get married to that citizen.

Can an F1 student in US Travel to Canada without a visa?

No, you need to apply Canada visitor visa~

What happens if your F1 visa expires and you are married to a US citizen?

Marriage to a US citizen does not confer automatic permanent residency and/or US citizenship rights to a foreign national.An F1 Visa is a student visa and remains valid as long as the holder is considered eligible under the Student Visa requirements even if said visa has reached the expiration date.If the person does not qualify as a "student" under immigration law, he or she is "out of status" and unlawfully present in the US, even if he or she is legally married to a US citizen.The best option is to consult with someone who is versant in immigration law, before contacting USCIS.In this situation, don't go home because you just complicate things for everyone including your spouse, just file your change of status forms, this process costs upwards of $1,000 for all the forms. You will be called for an interveiw and as long as your marriage is legit, you should receive a temporary green card which will allow you to live and work for 2 years until your next interveiw for your green card. This is easier and faster for both you and USCIS. Get a good lawyer, its easier and smart, you will spend more but that's what u have to do.Answer:then you doont have to worry, cause u are already married to a girl so you've become citizen. F1 visa is not going to affect you anymore. but if you are not married yet, you are in big trouble sunce you marry to a citizen.

How many people in America are Islamic?

Officially it says 3% of population is Muslim i.e US Citizen. If you include Immigrants (greencards) plus non-immigrants (F1 student visa, h1/L1 work visa) who applied for citizenship. Then it will be 5 to 7% of US population is Muslim.

What is a difference between f1 visa and student visa?

f1 visa allows anyone to live in the united states or outside the USA. A student visa is only allowed for a student. Example- F1 visa-A grown adult from Italy can live in the USA Example-Student visa- any student in the world can live in the USA as long as you have one or the other visa

If your dad was American and you were going to university could you go in America?

If you are not a permanent resident or citizen of the US, you would have to apply for a students visa (F1) to attend school in the US.

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Can a non-US citizen with both a US Tourist Visa and F1 Visa enter Canada?

I don't think so...better to consult a consultant like the Goldman Associates

How money deposit in the bank should i have in order to get the F1 student visa And can i get a loan if i don't have?

In general you will need to have $20,000 or more in the bank in order to get the F1 student Visa. You can get a loan in your home country if you do not have the money.

When do I sign up for a student visa?

22 Jul 2011 ... Immigration Information about the F1 Visa for students who are looking to enter the ... They can remain in the US up to 60 days beyond the length of time it takes to complete their academic program. In addition, an F1 student can remain for 12 months after securing a .... Sign up to our Newsletter: ...

Is there any public high school in California US that accept international student?

Yes, but only good for one year on J1 or F1 visa status. The student can then transfer to a private high school.

Will a legal immigrant on F1 visa who honestly marries a US Citizen but lives apart for school have problems with the INS?

Yes, they could think the marriage is just to stay in the country.

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Can a F1 student get a driver license?

Yes, a student with a F1 can get a driver's license. According to the Department of Homeland Security, international students in America can get a U.S. driverâ??s license and a social security number, when you follow the instructions per the state you attend school in.

Please exclude sports scholarships. How does an international student studying coursework programs fund his or her education in US universities?

If a full-time foreign student is studying within the United States legally, that student must be on an F1 visa. In order to get the F1 visa the individual must complete a foreign student packet. Within the packet there is a sponsorship document that must be signed by a sponsor or prospective student indicating the source and ability to pay tuition, fees, and living expenses. Therefore the student must have the financial means of support before arriving in the United States. Once the student is within their course work, there are at times grants, scholarships, and work study possibilities.

Am an f1 student out of status and have a baby with an American citizen can the baby get a petition and can I stay or how do I get a green card so I can care for my baby?

Well you should take your baby to your own country and raise it there because if they didn't give you a green card they oviously dont want you here. :)

How much does a F1 racer make in a year?

a f1 racer make around 37 million us dollars a year

What does a F1 visa allow people to do?

An F1 Visa allows international students to study at universities and colleges in the United States. Once a student is in the country studying, they are allowed to work after 9 months.

How to become an immigrant student?

I am not sure I understand the question. An immigrant is a person who leaves one country to permanently reside in another. If it is a legal move, than most likely the individual is a permanent resident and therefore treated as an American citizen basically having the same rights and privileges. So, just apply to a college or university like anyone else.Now if you are referring to the status of a Foreign Student (F1 Visa), then contact a college or university or your choice and ask to speak with the Foreign Student Adviser. He/she will direct you appropriately so that you can secure the form I-20 which you need to submit to the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (if you are already within the US on another Visa type), or to the American Embassy located in the country you now reside in.

Can you attend college in the US without a green card?

To study in the US you will need the F-1 student visa or M-1 as in the case of a vocational student. As long as it takes the student to finish his or her course of study the F1 visa is valid. An F1 visa also allows students to work on campus and in some situations even off campus. After the completion of their academic program, in addition, F1 visa students are eligible to apply for employment-authorized practical training. This training is usually limited to twelve months but may be extended to as much as 29 months for students who are pursuing a degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. F1 visa students are able to transfer schools and change their focus of study while pursuing a degree in the U.S. Once they have completed their course of study or practical training (if applicable), they have sixty days in which to depart the U.S.

Can any F1 student who is not have monye can that person school in american school?

Most American schools require tuition.

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