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== == You must make an appointment with the Warden and then it will be taken before a Board. Usually you will be granted a lawyer from the State to start divorce proceedings. Your request is very common. Sorry to hear about your problems and hope it all works out for you in the future. While all states have established divorce procedures, the standard of evidence and the types of divorces allowed can vary from state to state, so its best to consult with an attorney to discuss the laws and requirements of your state before filing your petition for divorce.

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Q: How does an inmate in Ohio start with divorce procedures?
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Can a Ohio inmate get a divorce?


How do you file for divorce from an Ohio inmate?

The procedure to file a divorce is the same for all residents of Ohio including those that are inmates. The inmate will need to have someone file the paperwork for them.

How much do it cost for an inmate in a Ohio state prison to file for a divorce?

are you in Ohio prison right now or is your husband in Ohio state prison? He is in prison, I live in California, where we were married 25 years ago.

How long does a divorce take in Ohio?

how long does it take to get and contest divorce in ohio

Is Ohio a no fault divorce state?

Yes, Ohio is a no fault divorce state.

How do you divorce your husband if he is an inmate in Ohio?

The process is the same as if the person being served were not incarcerated. The party requesting the dissolution of the marriage files suit in the state court in the county in which he or she currently resides.

What is the residency requirement for a divorce in Ohio?

Ohio state

Can you marry an inmate in cuyahoga county?

Yes, you can marry an inmate in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. However, the inmate will need to get his marriage OK'd by the warden running his jail.

In Ohio If your spouse who you want a divorce from is in jail and he claims he wont give you a divorce what is there to do does that mean you cant get divorced?

What state are you in? ohio

In the state of Ohio how long do you have to wait after the divorce to remarry?

There are no restrictions on remarriage following a divorce in Ohio (see link below) In the state of Ohio you will have to wait a full year after your final divorce to get married again.

How long after marriage can you file for divorce in Ohio?

It depends on the reason for divorce.

If you got a divorce in Wisconsin and then move to Ohio do you have to wait to remarry?

If you get a divorce in Wisconsin and then move to Ohio, you are not required to wait to remarry because of the divorce. However, you will have to wait to remarry if you do not meet the residency requirements.

Is adultery illegal in Ohio?

No, adultery is not an illegal activity in the state of Ohio. But there are "no-fault" and "fault" grounds for divorce. And it is considered to be one of the nine "fault" grounds for divorce.

What are reasons for divorce in Ohio?

There are several reasons for divorce in Ohio. Some of these reasons include adultery, gross neglect of duty, imprisonment, fraud, or extreme cruelty.

Where do you file for a divorce if you were married in New York but leave in Ohio?

you file a divorce in new york

How do you send money order to inmate?

How can I send a money order to an inmate in Ohio from the UK.We don't have money orders hear.Jpay is a way but they don't serve the prison my friend is at.??

Is it illegal in Ohio to divorce while pregnant or is it simply up to the individual judge?

you must wait until the child is born and a paternity test is preformed to have a divorce granted in the state of Ohio

How do I file for divorce in Ohio?

You must first file a motion for divorce at your local courthouse. You will then be assigned a court date where a judge will walk you through the remainder of the divorce process.

If you moved from the state of Ohio to Florida which state should you file your divorce in if I was originally married in Ohio?

If you were divorced in Ohio, ask somebody there or ask somebody in Florida!

Where at in Ohio can you file for divorce if you were married in Ohio?

You must file in the county in which you currently reside and you have to have lived in that county for six months!

I was married in Mass can Ifile for a divorce in Ohio?

if you meet residency requirements.

How long does an uncontested divorce take to be finalized in Ohio?

30 days

What cities start with p in Ohio?

· Parma, Ohio

Thing that start with A in Ohio?

· Akron is a city in Ohio

What things that start with A in Ohio?

· Akron is a city in Ohio