How does communism affect a rich landowner?

It affected us because we did not like the way it was ran and we where afraid they would take us over and make us that way. During the early late 1930s - 1940s the rearing of the ugly head of Communism hit the U.S. It was especially apparent in Hollywood. Many actors were brought in front of a legal panel and were accused of being Communist when many weren't and often asked to "rat" on their peers. Most refused to do so. Many actors were "black listed" without proof of Communistic values. In the US wealth, production, control of labour and means of replenishing the former are controlled by the upper class. Power is centralized. Communism in it's truest sense totally opposes this ideology. If the US adopted Communism, power would be be centralized and distributed amongst the national population. As a result the controlling minority would lose power and status. This controlling minority also controls the media, which is used to influence the views of others. Thus the people controlling the US Government despise Communism and cause the nation to despise Communism because the ideology threatens their power.