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People are drafted to be soldiers in war. This was used in the Vietnam War, and in many countries during the First and Second World Wars.

Generally it is said to be random selection of adult males (at the time it was anyways - since women did not fight in wars during this time period) but there are conspiracy theories saying that blacks were over-conscripted during the Vietnam war in an attempt to lower African-American population and maintain a Caucasian dominance.

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Q: How does conscription work?
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What is conscription what is another word for it?

conscription means murder and rape and another name for conscription is bob

What are the arguments for and against conscription and censorship?

the arguments for conscription are that if there was no conscription we would not have enough soldiers therefore we would all die..but with conscription there are people that have to go and help.

Who opposed conscription?

French canadians opposed conscription.

What happens conscription?

conscription is drafting or when you have to serve in war

Why was conscription started?

The government started conscription in ww2 anyway.

Which groups were for and against conscription in Australia?

I only know the group which was against conscription and that was theAnglicanchurch and it showed a large percent of them votes no for conscription.

When has the US used conscription?

The us used conscription in 1940-1973.

What is unlock code for alien shooter conscription?

alien shooter conscription

Where was conscription?

Conscription is the required service of citizens in the military. It is often called the draft. Several nations still have conscription such as South Korea and Thailand.

How do you use conscription in a sentence?

Conscription is now being dropped in many countries.

What are examples of conscription?

conscription program in the united states was known colloquially as "the draft"

When did conscription end after World War 1?

In England, WW1 conscription ended in 1919. For twenty years, there after that, there was no conscription in Britain. In 1939, conscription for World War II began, and did not end until the mid-1960's.

What effect did conscription have on Australian familles?

Conscription deeply divided Australia in the early 1900's. Many families (and citizens for that matter) did not agree with boyhood conscription, so an opposition was formed. Conscription is no longer practiced in Australia.

Why was conscription introduced in 1916?

they introduced conscription in order to win the war on the Western front

When did gough whitlam end conscription?

The Australian draft (conscription) ended in December 1972.

What date did Hitler introduce conscription in Germany?

Hitler introduced conscription in the year 1935 !

Which Prime Minister of Canada stated not necessarily conscription but conscription if necessary?

Mackenzie King

What was a major event caused by Irish conscription in the civil war?

The anti-conscription riots.

Which war did conscription start?

For the United States the first draft (conscription) began during the U.S. Civil War. The last draft (conscription) was during the Vietnam War.

What is the french term for conscription of soldiers?

"Conscription" exists in French too with the same meaning, but the usual term is "service militaire". Conscription does not exist in France since 2001.

How do you use the word conscription in a sentence?

Many French Canadians also opposed conscription in 1917.

How did conscription end in Australia?

Australian Government officially ended the Australia "Conscription" service in 1972.

Did the US have conscription only in 1964?

yes they had conscription, boys over the age of 16 had to be involved

What is the conscription act?

the Conscription Act of 1862 was a military draft issued during the Civil War

Why does South Africa only allow white men to conscription?

South Africa no longer has conscription