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According to my personal trainer, when working out muscles are torn down, in a manner of speaking, and when the body repairs them, it repairs them back stronger. Kind of like how a callous forms on your skin.


A good diet is also key in helping to repair and promote muscle growth.

AnswerMuscle growth happens when you push the muscle you are exercising to the brink and just beyond it's present capacity. Then, while you sleep, the muscle fibers signal the brain that "This part of the body needs more muscle cells!" and the brain gets right on it. This also why intensity is always the most important part of any resistance training program. And you must incorporate proper durations of recovery (meaning, zero weight training) in between workouts for new muscle to properly build up. Otherwise your body will burn out and your muscles decrease.
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Q: How does muscle build after a workout?
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Can you build muscle working out one time a week?

Depends on what your weight is, BMI, genetics, what kind of muscle you want and how much you workout

What are the best diet and exercise plans to build muscle?

Any diet that you go on to gain muscle should include a lot of protein. Protein will help build and repair muscles after you work out. P90x is a good workout plan to build muscle.

What can you get out of an eliptical workout if you am 100 pounds overweight?

An elliptical workout would be great for toning or someone looking to lose an amount of weight. An elliptical workout is an complete workout, you will build muscle along with loosing weight or toning.

What is the best chest workout routine?

The best chest workout routine for guys to do to get rid of moobs is to work on your pecs. You can build muscle to get rid of the fat that is your moobs.

Does egg white make muscle?

The answer is a Yes and a No. Yes - if you work out and do exercises that can help you build muscle No - if you do not work out Eggs are rich in protein and supplying protein to your body after a workout helps you build muscles.

Why is it necessary to frequently update workout program?

If you continually repeat the same workout, you muscles will build a muscle memory. Meaning they will become so adapted to the workout that it would be almost useless to continue. By switching up and updating you workout you challenge your muscles more thus creating a more efficient, muscle building and calorie burning workout.

When your lifting is it better to do the same muscle workout after another or to do one muscle workout then do the opposite muscle workout?

It doesn't really matter, do what feels best for you.

What are some good daily workout routines?

P90x is all I can say. They have an amazing daily workout routine that changes it up each day creating something they call muscle confusion that makes you build muscle fast.

Does a gymnastics workout help you lose weight?

Yes, gymnastics is about flexibility and muscle.. ergo, when u build muscle (flexibility does so) u burn fat.

What is a good intense workout plan?

P90X provides an intense workout via DVDs that you workout along with. If you don't want to invest in a program such as that, you can try doing sprints, push-ups, and calisthenics to build muscle.

Can you build muscle while working out at night?

You can build muscle while working out at any time; however, you may feel more energetic earlier in the day, which may give you the ability to put more effort into your workout, building more muscle.

How effective is Pace workout program compared to others?

The Pace workout operates on the principle of doing simple movements and slowly building up the number of repititions to build lean muscle. This is a highly effective workout program.

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