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One of the most widely used Persian languages is Farsi. To translate a Google page into Farsi, you can use numerous translation websites on the internet. Google Translate allows you to select the original language as well as the translation language. If you copy and paste your page, the program will translate into Farsi. You can also type an existing website and Google Translate will take you to the website and translate into the language selected.

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Q: How does one translate a Google page into Farsi?
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How can a person use Google Translate to view Arabic webpages?

If one is using Google Chrome it would be a really easy process. Just open the page and a yellow message at the top tells you to click there to translate it in English. For other browsers, search the page in Google website and click on the phrase ''Translate this page''.

If one needed to translate French to English how can they go about it?

There are many programs which are available to translate something from French to English. In Google Chrome, there is an option to translate at the top of the page.

How does one translate a webpage?

One can translate a webpage by using Google translate or Babylon translate and copy and pasting the text from a web page into the text box on those sites. One can also enable a translation bar within Chrome.

Why doesn't Google Translate offer Farsi and Kurdish?

Well... Because no one bothers to translate unfortunately. Farsi is available now, but the verb types are messed up. It's better than nothing though. Google Translate works by analyzing copies of documents written in both languages and archiving the expressions. For languages that have a lot of material that has been translated in both directions (such as English and Spanish for example with numerous books, scholarly articles, UN resolutions, etc.) the translator program has a lot of material and can begin to pick up nuances in language. While there are a good number of Farsi-English crossover documents, there are not as many and the discrepancies between English and Farsi are far greater than those between English and Spanish. Kurdish is significantly rarer, not standardized, and there is much less material for Google Translate to use.

How can one translate yahoo tw to English?

You can translate the Yahoo! Taiwan page to English using online translating websites such as Babylon and Google. Google also offers an extension for both Chrome and Firefox that will automatically translate full pages into whatever language you choose.

Which Google service can be used to translate text into Latin?

One can use many Google services to translate. However, the most used Google service for translation would be Google Translate, where one can enter a word or phrase, and Google can detect the language or translate it to any other language.

Where can one find an online translator to translate Tien Phong?

To find an online translator to translate Tien Phong one could go to the Google homepage and click on the More tab at the top of the page and then click on Translate. Then just type in what you want to translate on the left and pick what language you want to translate it to on the right.

Is there a website that will translate Chinese to English?

One way to translate Chinese to English is to use Google Translate. To do this, simply go to Google Translate and type what is wanted to be translated between the two languages.

Can anyone translate this Chinese language?

If one wants to translate something from the Chinese language, they can go to Google translate

How can one translate plemiona pl?

Plemonia is an online game that is in Polish (websites ending in .pl are always from Poland), to translate the page, if you are on the Chrome browser, the page should translate for you.

Internet explorer and Firefox and Google Chrome which one better?

Where can you find a translator that can translate a foreign website into another language as in one you can download on to your computer and click translate and it will translate it for you.?