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How does the anti-theft system work on a 1996 Cavalier?


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2012-08-27 02:22:25
2012-08-27 02:22:25

By killing the water pump and ignition switch. Basically the person who's trying to still it will see a bit of a shock...It would cost you about 1000.00 to have it repaired at the dealership.

WHAT?...That answer makes no sense...The keylock has a resistor on it, that communicates with the body control module intergrated into the Instrument Cluster(speed-o) through a little wire called a data wire. The steering wheel airbag also uses this same data wire to communicate with the body control module. Anyway, the body control mod. tells the computer that the resistance amount was not verified, which in turn, the computer shuts down the fuel injecton system... All that can be done now is the 10 min. waiting period with the key on, waiting for the theft system light to stop flashing and stay lit solid.....I still can't get over that 1st


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It should fit if both cars had that engine from the factory. If the 1996 was a Z24 (2.4L), then there will be differences - most likely with engine electronics. Hope this helps!

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It may The Sunfire takes a GM39 tank The Cavalier takes a GM39B You will have to get the wrecker to check or compare the two very carefully.

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no way i tryed that swap and didnt work ecu computer changed

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It should be located in the duct work between the air filter and the throttle body.

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