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How does the front wheels lock in on a 1996 GMC 4x4?


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If it doesn't have manually locking hubs on the front wheels, It means it's a "constantly" locked front 4x4. You don't have to lock them, they already are.


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ok it should have lock in hubs so pull your 4x4 switch onto 4x4 high and get out and turn your hubs on both sides on your front wheels

When u find out why then let me know cause my 97 does the same thing.

If the back wheels slip / spin it automatically will transfer some of the power to the front wheels

If by lock up you mean squeal when cornering, such as in a parking lot, this is because the grand Cherokee (4x4) is commonly an all-time 4-wheel drive. You can determine this by looking at the 4X4 shifter and it should say quadra-trac. When cornering, the wheels spin at different speeds which causes the computer to think it's losing traction, then engages 4X4 and locks up the front end. Thus, causing it to "bark" or "squeal". Hope this helps, -Dayne

check that the lock that locks your front tyres into 4x4 still works and if your 4x4 is activated by switch get your electrics checked

Manually turn front free wheeling hubs to lock (front wheels) Place $wd gear stick to 4H or 4L - $wd light will come on on dash

what year The older Broncos Have a lever in the middle of the floor board up front. Just pull the lever back to go into 4Hi, back more for Neutral, and then again for 4Lo. The newer models had a button on the dash that you push to put it in 4x4. If you do not have automatic locking hubs on the front wheels you'll have to get out and manually lock them to engage the front wheels with the front axles...otherwise the trasfer case will just spin but no power will be conveyed to the front wheels. Locking the hubs is quick and easy. Just turn the knob a quarter turn in the direction that says "LOCK". Be sure you don't drive on pavement at speeds over 35 mph with the 4x4 engaged and the hubs locked. Turning sharply on pavements or driving at high speeds with 4x4 engaged can damage the transfer case and/or front suspension components.

If your transfer case doesn't have a power divider lock, then the torque from the gear rotation will follow the path of least resistance - which, in this case, would be the front shaft, which will have significantly less resistance.

A 2003 Ford Explorer is REAR wheel drive ( and if it has the Control-Trac 4x4 system , and it is set on 4x4 AUTO , if the back wheels were to " slip " then some of the power is transferred to the front wheels ) is the best place to find used 4x4 wheels. they have quality used 4x4 wheels and are priced well. you never have to worry about wheels from wheel fire.

There aren't any lock outs at the hubs. There is a vacuum actuated shift hosing on the front axle.

It sounds like you need a new actuator. there is two things that lock in when you use 4x4. one is the transfer case and the other is the front diff. the front diff is turned on by an actuator. if you have a problem with the actuator the front axles wont lock in. even though the transfer case is engaged.

The front sensors are behind the front wheels, just find the electric wire that is behind the front wheels and it will be hooked to the sensors. If it is a 4x4 then the rear wheel sensor is screewed into the back of the transfur case. If it is not a 4x4 then it is in the transmission tail shaft housing where the driveshaft goes into the transmission.

If the Actuator was not working then the front wheels would not pull at all.There is nothing wrong with your truck or the 4x4 SYSTEM.No Factory 4x4 truck has positive traction in the front, what you are complaining about is normal, both front wheels don't pull at the same time. They switch back and fourth, and it makes it fill funny, The steering wheel jerks around.YOU HAVE NO PROBLEMS. NEUTZ

Rotate the black center in the front wheel clockwise.

Corvette and Camaro wheels will fit a Blazer, direct bolt on. Some might need spacers in front or/and rear.

if it has 4 wheel drive ,yes.Brought many a ford 4x4 home on front wheels of 4x4 when i damaged the rear drive shaft mudding.

If it has lock out hubs, Then you have a bad lock out on one side are the other. If it does not, Then the Actuator on the front housing is not ingaugeing. Need to check that with a test light. If it has power going to it , Then replace 4x4 Actuator. If no power then check 4x4 fuse in fuse box.

A 4x2 vehicle has 4 wheels with the 2 rear wheels that drive. A 4x4 vehicle has 4 wheels with all 4 wheels that drive.

I think you have to put it in 4wd in the cab and then go outside and on both front wheels, there is a round hub in the middle of the wheel. You have to turn those the direction it says to lock them. That's how it is on my '86 Ford F150.

The tow truck driver must make sure that the 4x4 is disengaged (if it is 4x4) first of all. Then they have to put it in neutral so it will coast behind the tow truck. Since Ford Explorers are rear-wheel drive, you must hook up from the rear wheels, so the front wheels can spin easily.

1999 Ford Explorers equipped with V6 engines and 4X4 have a dash mounted selector dial for the 4X4 system . The normal operating position is in 4X4 auto. This position is rear wheel drive , but if the back wheels start to slip , some of power is transferred to the front wheels to provide assistance.

Check for broken vacuum lines to the front axle shifter.

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