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The cold war caused superpowers to enter an arms race that undermined wartime alliances by creating barriers of secrecy and paranoia.

Answerit basically comes down to the to biggest dogs on the block .i.e.ussr , u.s AnswerWow, this looks like a high school essay question if I've ever seen one. I'll get you pointed in the right direction but not really answer it in full for you.

First of all, I don't believe the Cold War can be summed up as a single ideology but rather a battle of 2 ideologies. One being the ideology of democracy and free market economy. The other being communism and a state run economy.

As for the breakdown of wartime alliances... The United States and the Soviet Union were allies with a common enemy in Nazi German during the war. After the war there was no more common enemy, just two new superpowers with opposing ideologies on how the world should be run after the war.



The Soviet Union was allied with the British, U.S. and France only out of necessity. Until 1941, the USSR and Nazi Germany were allies. The Soviets invaded Poland from the East while Germany did so from the west. The Soviets attempted to conquer Finland and successfully took over Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Until Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa, the USSR and Germany were pretty close.

We need the USSR due to their massive land army and the ability to absorb the shock of Germany's forces. They needed us to supply them and eventually open up other fronts.

Stalin had no intention of being good friends with us after the war. He wanted to advance Communist ideology and did so after "liberating" Eastern Europe and installing totalitarian regimes.

The Cold War went cold when the Soviets went back on the deals to have free and open elections in places like Poland, Hungary and elsewhere. When they blockaded Berlin from outside supply, that also made the Cold War deepen and it took the threat of nuclear attack to get the Soviets to leave Iran.

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Q: How does the ideology of the Cold War relate to the breakdown of wartime alliances after the end of World War 2?
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