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Again this may be dependent on where yoi place the beginning of the war in Vietnam. Some place it in the days of President Truman with the gift of a few aircraft to the French, others credit President Eisenhower with large equipment grants, CIA pilots and the first military advisors to South Vietnam. President Kennedy inherited 12,000 of Ike's Vietnamese advisors and added to that along with massive armament grants, training opportunities and naval and aviation assets. Some start the US involvement with Tonkin Gulf Resolution and the peacefull landing of the Marines under President Johnson.

It doesn't matter. WWI, WWII, Korea which has been active since 1950, the Reolutionary War, the War of 1812, Haiti, Panama, the Gulf War, the Spanish American, the Mexican War, the Civil War (which may last forever) or the War against the Barbary Coast Pirates. The longest continuous war in the US has been the war between the American Indians and its invaders.

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Q: How does the length of the Vietnam war compare to other wars with US involvement?
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What were the Paris Peace Accords?

Among other things this was the agreement that ended American involvement in Vietnam.

What was south Vietnam involvement in the war?

South Vietnam are the non-communist side of Vietnam, which supported by the US vastly on war supplies, troops, and other thing to fights against the North Vietnam (the communist side).

How was Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war different compared to other countries?

In the 1960's, the US had more than 10 times the population of Australia. But, Australia partnered with the US during the cold war. Australia's involvement in Vietnam mirrored the US's, but on a 10 times smaller scale, due to population differences. Other nations, other than the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, South Vietnam, and New Zealand...wanted nothing to do with the Vietnam War.

Nixon involvement in the Vietnam war?

B52 Nixon, Commander in Chief; used the B52 against North Vietnam more than any other US president.

What were the negative consequences from US involvement in the Vietnam War?

The issue of US involvement in Vietnam was deeply divisive in America itself, perhaps more so than any other issue in the 20th century. American involvement was also very costly in terms of lives (American and Vietnamese) and achieved nothing worthwhile. Others will no doubt have different views on this.

Did containment lead to involvement the Vietnam war?

In a sense, yes, because the root mission of the Vietnam War was to stop the spread of Communism in Asia - or to Contain it to prevent encroachment into other countries.

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Why did the war take place in Vietnam?

The war took place in Vietnam because it was a civil war between north and south Vietnam. north Vietnam were communists and south Vietnam were capitalists. Australia's involvement was because they wanted the war on Vietnam soil not on Australian and America and the other countries like new zealand and south Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Spain and Taiwan and ofcourse china

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Why the Us left Vietnam?

The US/Allies could NOT stop the flow of enemy men & material from entering South Vietnam, without widening the war with other countries; which also entailed risking the involvement of the communist superpowers. So, the war had to end.

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What were troops grievances about US involvement Vietnam war?

After boot camp and AIT, they didn't really care anymore (that had been the hard part). Once they landed in Vietnam it did no good to complain about it, it would only cause problems with other GIs. The attitude was, "we're here, lets get it over with."

Which part of Vietnam invaded the other?

North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam.

What were the arguments for and against US involvement in Vietnam?

It may have been the question of the dominoe theory, and if all of Asia would become a part of the communist realm, no other country could put an end to the red menace.

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What are the 2 largest rivers in Vietnam?

The Vietnam river The other Vietnam river

Where did president Kennedy try to contain communism?

President Kennedy had major crises involving Berlin and Cuba. Other than that, he was trying to contain communism everywhere. The earliest US involvement in Vietnam happened in the Kennedy administration.

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