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One view:She will set on them all at first, but if she doesn't feel heat coming from the egg which the growing embryo gives off, she will either throw it out of the nest or eat it. If you keep disturbing her to check, you will run the risk of upsetting her and she will leave the whole nest. Another view:She doesn't know. She will sit on infertile eggs as readily as on fertile ones. In fact, if she is in the mood, she'll sit on Golf balls. Let her set on them for a week and then use a light to check to see if any thing is there.
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Q: How does your hen know the egg is fertile?
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How do roosters make a hen have a fertile egg.?

They breed them.

How can you tell if the eggs are fertile?

Do you have a Rooster living with Hens? If so, chances are, yes, the eggs will be fertile. If the hen is brooding, meaning she is sitting on top of the egg to keep it warm, then it's probably fertile, if not, then it's not fertile. In any case should you have a rooster and a hen together, and the hen lays an egg, and it doesn't brood, then you should keep the egg warm. I think to check just hold the egg up to a light lol.

How do hen eggs become fertile?

A hen eggs becomes fertilized when her and the rooster mate. In order for an egg to contain a chick, this must happen before the formation of the hen's egg.

Are all eggs baby chickens?

Sadly, no. The rooster must mate with the hen. Afterwards, about a few weeks later, the hen will lay a FERTILE egg. If the hen sits on the egg for 21 days, the egg will hatch. But, if the rooster and hen don't mate, the egg will be INFERTILE, or unhatchable.

Does a hen have to be fertile to lay an egg?

No, Chickens lay eggs almost everyday without a rooster. But, in order for the egg to hatch it needs to be fertile!

How long is a Hen?

Hens do not get "pregnant" They produce an egg every 24 hours approximately. That egg may or may not be fertile depending on if the hen has been mated with a rooster in the previous 7 days. The hen will produce the egg with or without the roosters involvement.

How do you know if the egg has a chick inside?

Well depends what you mean. If you mean how do I know if its fertile or not or if you know its fertile and is the chick alive in the egg. Desiding on it being fertile or not can be done in 2 way. Either know if the egg has been in a male and female (guess if it is fertile). The most accurate way to due it is to incubate the egg. After 7 days you should candle the egg (a candle is like a flashlight made to see inside the egg) and see if you find veins. If you know its fertile incubate for a few days and then candle.

When a rooster mates with a hen is the next egg fertile?

That depends on the last time the hen layed. I would wait until the second lay after breeding.

How do you know if the egg is fertile?

yes it can

When chickens mate after the hen has laid an egg will the next egg be fertile?

Like most birds, hen chickens only need to mate once before they start laying eggs for the entire clutch to be fertile. She usually mates many times though, just to be sure.

How do you know if there is a chick in a hens egg?

the hen will not leave the egg and the egg will be covered in feathers

Can a crossbred chicken lay a fertile egg?

If a crossbred hen is mated with another chicken (breed is NOT the same as species) of any breed the eggs should be fertile.

Can you tell when your egg is fertilized?

By observing the flock, yes. If the rooster is active and the hen is within breeding age then you can generally be sure the eggs produced are fertile. Incubated eggs can be candled after three days to look for activity inside the shell. Cursory inspection of an egg will not allow you to differentiate between a fertile egg and a non fertile egg.

How will a mother chick know its egg?

A chicken will not know it's egg from any other. After the eggs hatch, the hen and the chicks get to know the sounds that they each make. If a chick gets separated from the hen, it will cheep, and the hen clucks to it, and the chick will come running.

Why does the parakeet brakes the egg?

As I'm not an expert but have had many parakeets. If the hen or female broke the shell that is fertile she may be helping the chick to break free. If she did this to an egg that is not fertile, she may have sensed this & wanted to eat the shell & contents. Both are very nutritious providing the hen with much needed calcium. In the wild they may do this to keep predators from going after an egg that's not fertile or even an embryo born dead.

How long is a hens pregnancy?

Hens do not get "pregnant" They produce an egg every 24 hours approximately. That egg may or may not be fertile depending on if the hen has been mated with a rooster in the previous 7 days. The hen will produce the egg with or without the roosters involvement.

How can you tell a fertile egg when was just laid?

you really cant.. DONT TOUCH THEM. just leave them alone. the mother hen knows if there fertile or not. if there not fertile she'll push them to the side, if they are fertile she will sit on them. but sometimes a pushed aside egg is fertile and also it is always warm as the person said above DON'T TOUCH THEM!!

How long does it take for a hen to lay a fertilized egg?

It takes 4-5 months for hens to lay fertile eggs. Make sure you have a rooster or they won't be fertile.

Is a hen less apt to sit on an unfertilized egg?

No. A broody hen is a broody hen and will sit on golf balls once the urge to nest takes her. Hens do not instinctively know if the eggs they are brooding are fertile or not. Hens in a chicken coop without a rooster among the flock will still go broody.

Which one is older a 'hen ' or an 'egg'?

A hen is older than an egg. *A hen comes from an egg. Either a hen or an egg can be older than one another.

What is an egg that is not fertile callled?

An egg that has not been fertilized by the rooster's sperm is called an infertile egg. a hen will lay infertile eggs without the assistance of a rooster. Commercial egg layers have never and will never know what a rooster looks like, but they will produce an infertile egg 6 days out of a 7 day week.

How many steps does it take to get an egg?

1. The male bird, for example a cock has to mate with a fertile female bird, for example a hen. 2. The sperms of the cock fertilize the egg. Note: There is no requirement for there to be a male for a female hen to lay eggs. There does need to be a male if the egg is to be fertile. 3. The egg grows within the hen. 4. The shell forms over the egg. 5. The hen then sits to lay the egg. 6. The egg comes out of the hens vagina. 7. You get to the hens hideout and hold the warm egg. You got the egg! That is 7 steps. You can further elaborate them to get more steps.

Why do setting hens shove eggs out of nest?

I have been told that if a egg is not fertile the hen will get rid of any eggs there are not developing...

How do you know if an egg is fertile?

your wifes mood changes

Does egg come from hen or hen comes from egg?