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Clemenceau of France was in the treaty for revenge on Germany and for the money, he wanted too much.Lloyd george was worried about losing his connection of trading with Germany so he didnt want to be too harsh but he also wanted their empire, so he was on the verge of having acceptable terms.Woodrow Wilson wanted 1 thing, pece with Germany and he also thought it would be a good idea to help rebuild Germany so that it could prevent future wars. Woodrow Wilson was too kind.

France: France wanted (really) one thing, which was revenge. They really wanted to punish Germamy for the damage and destruction WW1 had caused. They had suffered badly, as most of the fighting had been on French soil. USA: The USA contradicted France, as they didn't really want to punish Germany that much. This means that neither one could achieve what they wanted, without upsetting the other. (If USA got their way, France would be angry because they'd think Germany had got off lightly).United Kingdom: Britain had a nice, comfortable Empire in 1918, and wanted to expand (so did France). However, USA wanted to give independence to all colonies. This is another unsatisfactory compromise, which could not please all of the "Big Three"All in all, the Treaty of the Versaille is a good compromisation from all of the aims. But those aims laid down it the first place, few were met, and not one leader walked away with everything he wished for from the Conference.

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Q: How far were the aims of the big three Allied Powers met in the Treaty of Versailles?
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Who were the three allied powers?

the three allied powers were Italy, Germany, and Japan

What were the three allied powers of World War 2?

The three main Allied powers were USA, British Empire, Soviet Union.

Who are the three main Allied leaders negotiating the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?

British Prime Minister David Lloyd, French leader Georges Clemenceau and American President Wilsion

Describe three weaknesses of the Treaty of Versailles?

The weakness of the Treaty of Versailles were humiliation of Germany, ignoring of colonial interests and self-determination, and ignored the Russian Bolsheviks demands.

The treaty of Versailles was signed by the big three power as a peace settlement with?


Who were the three government leaders that shape the Versailles treaty?

9+10 = 21

who were the three government leaders that shaped the Versailles treaty?

9+10 = 21

What countries were apart of the allied powers?

Three of the countries that were apart of the Allied Powers were The United States of America, Great Britan ,and France

Name three allied powers in World War 1?

The three allied powers in World War 1 were Russia, Britain and France. They were referred to as the Triple Alliance.

Who are three leaders and their country who helped create the treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles was designed by Woodrow Wilson (USA), David Lloyd George (Britain) and George Clemenceau (France), however the USA never agreed with the Treaty.

When were the three Allied powers in World War 2 formed?

The three main allied powers during World War II were the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Who were the three main axis powers and who were three main allies?

Axis powers: German, Japan, Italy Allied powers: U.S., Briton, Russia....................

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