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This is a hard question to answer, because it is partly subjective in nature. Some people have definite preferences for one make of car over another.

Generally speaking, the Honda Civic is considered to be a good quality car. They are one of very few makes that people will say are nearly indestructible. Honda Civics have a reputation for being reliable vehicles, and some of them last a very long time if well maintained.

I have 193,000 miles on my 1989 Honda Civic and it runs very well, with very few problems. I have every reason to believe that I will get 250,000 miles, maybe even 300,000 miles out of it-- or more.


I've had 5 Honda Civics, including all shapes, five door, 3-door, diesel, dohc vtec, even hybrid(saloon). Cant fault them all were bullet-proof, reliable, economical with characterful engines, especially the dohc vtec allowing the engine to rev to 8,500 rpm. Some can be modified to go to 11,000rpm.

Its the engines that define Honda cars really, and the Civic is a key car in the Honda range. As the previous poster said you will get many miles out the car. Probably the reason why you still see many old models on the road. They refuse to breakdown !

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Q: How good are Honda Civics?
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most radios fit on Honda civics

In what country were Honda Civics first produced?

The country that the Honda Civics were first produced in Japan, where the original Honda Civics were produced, sold, and shipped to the United States.

When did Honda put timing chains in their Civics?

2003 on some Civics.

Do all Honda Civics come with an alarm and remote for them?

Not all Honda Civics come with an alarm but I own a 1997 Honda Civic that came with a remote.

Where can you find Honda Civics for sale?

Honda Civics are a fairly popular car and it is easy to find them for sale at local car auctions, ads in the paper or in the Auto Trader magazine. One could also try Craigslist for a list of Honda Civics.

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Or a crank

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How many 95 model Honda Civics are made by Honda?

Every single one of them are made by Honda.

Are there listings for cheap Honda civics?

Yes, it is possible to find a cheap Honda Civic. Check Craigslist and other similar classified ads to find listings for pre-owned Honda Civics, which are cheaper.

Is Honda civics available in rear wheel drive?


What parts from another car interchange with a 1990 Honda CRX?

honda civics hatchbacks

How many cylinder does a Honda civic has?

all Honda civics have 4 cylinder engines

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Honda Civics and Acura Integras are all models of vehicles that have interchangeable parts with one another. Acura Integra engines, such as the B18c5, can fit into 1994 Honda Civics.

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Many Honda Civics come stock with rear spoilers, but the older and cheaper Honda Civics will not come stock with rear spoilers because they were not invented back then.

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Civics is aproces of developing a good citizenship.

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Axis neo

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No, they are progammed differently.

What are the good slogans on civics for school assembly?

civics never shutsdown

Does a 2007 Honda Civic have a timing belt?

01-04 civics have a belt 05-10 civics have a chain (no replacement-only with engine replacement)

Are Honda Civics built in America?

Last time I checked, they were assembled in Ohio

Where can a Honda Civic coupe be bought?

A Honda Civic coupe can be purchased at any Honda dealer. Should one want a better deal, one can check the car ads in your local paper for used Honda Civics. Auto Trader would be another good option for Honda sales.

How many miles per gallon do Honda Civics get?

depends on which model and yr and if your maintanence is up. But typical is from 30 to 40 so pretty good.

Does 2014 Honda Civic have a timing belt or timing chain?

It appears that 2014 Honda Civics use a timing belt.