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its not vary hard its on the passanger side of the vehical under the hood atached to the fire wall with 4 screws

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โˆ™ 2006-02-05 05:46:40
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Q: How hard is it to replace heater blower on 91 S10 Blazer?
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How do you change the heater blower motor on a 1995 GMC?

The heater blower motor will most likely be located under the dash by the heater core assmebly, but first you need to be sure that that's the problem, it could just be wiring to the blower motor. Shouldnt be too hard to replace, and should be simple to find,

How hard is it to replace a heater core in a 96 Grand Am GT?

Easy to replace. Hard to get to.

Ive changed the heater blower in your car it has heat but isn't blowing hard enough had the blower checked again its good and ive changed the heater setting panel in your 92 thunderbird?

check the blower motor resistor

How hard is it to remove and replace the heater core in a 2002 Jeep liberty?

how hard is it to replace the heater core in a jeep liberty limated editon step by step instructions

How hard to replace front diff on 1998 full size blazer?

very very hard

How hard is it to replace heater coil 1993 Lexus es300?

Very hard.

How to replace BMW 325 heater core?

how hard is it to replace a heater core on a 87 325e BMW 2 dr? thank you in advance.

How hard is it to remove a heater core from a 1992 Chevy blazer s10 4x4 v6?

i have a 93 s10 blazer and had to replace the heater core recently, it is a pain, and it helps to have another person there to give you a hand, you have to take the entire dash out, remove the heater core cover, undo the brackets and undo the hoses from the heater core, the worst part is removing the dash and remembering where all the wires go if you do this job yourself i sugest taking pictures as you go along

What does a heater coil do and how hard is it to replace and does it affect driveability?

In going to eat you!

2004 explorer heater control?

how hard is it to replace the blending door

Where is the heater blower resister found on a 1996 Renault megane rxe hatchback?

rmove the windshield battery, and you can reach in and feel the risistir and plug, it is held in place with two screws, Philip head, they are hard to get to withot removeing the heater blower.

How hard is it to replace a blower motor on a 1995 ram van 2500 with diagram?

It's not hard, it's very easy.

How hard is it to replace the heater core in a 1999 GMC Suburban?

Answernot hard

How hard is it to replace a ac heater fan motor in a 97 Honda crv?

The heater in the CRV Honda is not working . How do I fix this

What is wrong my 97 Mercedes e420 the heator aircondition will not blow hard?

replace blower regulator

Why does 95 Chevy truck takes a long time before the heater blows hot air Iv'e checked fluid and thermostat all OK it also does not blow very hard?

May need to replace blower motor.

97 buick century that when you turn on the heater it blows hot air but makes an awful growling sound how do you fix it and is it hard to get to?

Blower motor should be located at the passenger's side firewall Remove wiring harness Remove air intake line Remove 3-4 screws Remove and replace blower motor

How hard is it to take a heater core out of a 2000 s-10 blazer 4x4?

you have to remove the dash a 98 calls from over 6 hours.

How hard is it and how do you fix a 1986 Ford Thunderbird heater core that is blowing steam even when the heat is off?

Replace the heater core. It is leaking.

How do you repair a heater core on a 1994 Aerostar 30L V6 van?

The heater core will have to be replace, it is not hard to do and the Heater Core is about $35 at the auto parts store. Good Luck

Where can you find the blower resistor for a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero and is it hard to replace?

It is on the evaporator case and is held in with 2 screws.

How hard is it to replace a heater core on a 2004 grand caravan?

Very hard.............. You will need to discharge the a/c system, pull back the dash and remove the complete a/c and heating box to remove the heater core.........

How do you replace a heater core on an 81 Camaro?

its hard you have to take the whole dash out to reach it i had a camaro and it was b****

Where is the blower fan on a 1994 Nissan Sentra and is it hard to replace?

Your blower motor is on the passenger side of the engine bay mounted on the firewall. It should be just a couple of screws and a wire connector to deal with.

Where is the blower motor resistor located on a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am?

The blower rheostat on a 93 Pontiac Grand Am is located inside the engine bay, just to the right of the blower fan housing. It is almost directly behind the trans dipstick. It isn't that hard to replace.

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