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you have 10 or 12 mm bolt one on top and one bottom of caliber take a big screw driver push back piston off pads that releases pressure then pop pads out put new ones in

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Q: How hard is it to take front brake rotor on 96 Honda accord ex 4 door sedan What parts do you have to take out besides brake caliber and pads?
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How do you install rear brake pads and caliper on a 94 Honda Accord?

I assume you could not compress the caliber, The caliber on the Accord must be turned while being compressed, There is a special tool for this. Some Auto Parts stores will lend you the tool if you purchase the pads from them. Answer: When buying ammunition, be sure and specify the proper caliber. When buying brake parts for your Honda Accord, you'll need to compress the caliper, not the caliber.

Where do you put transmission or brake fluid in 1993 Honda Accord?

where do I add brake fluid to my Honda accord 92

Who is the brake supplier for 2013 Honda accord?

who supplies the 2013 accord brakes to honda

Honda Accord and brake lamp?

the 1989 Honda accord lxi has a brake lamp light on the dashboard, if the brake lamp light is on, this means you have a brake/tail light out or disconnected

2006 Honda Accord ex rear brake pads how to change?

How do you change rear brake pads on a 2006 honda accord ex?

Where are the brake light bulbs on a 2004 Honda Accord?

2004 Honda Accord Brake Light Bulb Numbers - See sources and related links below.

What would cause the right rear to grind when turning hard left in 2004 Honda accord?

Worn out wheel bearing, worn brake pads, or loose caliber.

What is the best brake pad for a 2005 Honda accord?

The factory Honda pads. (OEM)

Can put 87 Honda Accord brake pads on your 92 Honda Civic?

NO, they will not fit.

How long does it take to change brake pads on a Honda Accord?

Changing the brake pads on a Honda Accord is relatively simple. With a few simple tools, one can replace the pads in about one hour.

How to change a brake lamp in 2000 Honda Accord ex?

just had oil change on saturday. no problems. now brake lamp light on 2000 honda accord ex

If the brake lamp light is on a 98 Honda Accord what does that mean?

On a 1994 Honda Accord, the brake lamp comes on when a tail light is no longer working. The burned-out bulb needs to be replaced. The brake lamp will not come on after the bulb is replaced.

What is brake lamp in Honda accord 1999?

it is an indicator. You need to check your brake fluid or your bulb.

How do you change brake pads for an 1989 Honda Accord?

I have an LX on mine all you do is on the back side of the caliber(the thing that holds your brake pads) on the bottom there is a bolt. Back out the bolt and rise the caliber all the way up and slide it toward the engine. That will take the caliber off and then you just replace the pads and do vise versa to put it back together.

How type of brake fluid 1988 Honda accord?

DOT3 from an unopened can.

1994 Honda accord Brake Pedal Is Soft?

Yes, sometimes it is.

How long does a brake job on a Honda Accord take?

3 hrs

How do you change the Brake pedal switch on a Honda Accord EX?

The brake pedal switch is bad. How do I replace it?

Will 86 Honda accord lx sedan brake drums fit an 89 Honda accord lxi 2 door coupe?

They should fit as both years are the 3rd generation Accord.

98 Honda accord lx 4dr your brake lights wont work but others do you and a friend installed new tail lights on your Honda accord and now none of your brake lights even in the spoiler will work?

Defective or misaligned brake light switch.

What does the brake lamp light indicate on a 1986 Honda accord?

Low brake fluid level or Parking brake not released completely

What does the brake lamp means on the Honda accord 1991?

It means one of your rear brake lights are out. Not the tailights but the brake light(s).

Are there any special tools needed to change brake shoes on a 2004 Honda Accord?

It does not have brake shoes, it has brake pads. And, yes you will need a special caliber compression tool. You can borrow this tool at almost any auto parts store that sells pads. Just ask.

What type of brake pads go on a 1998 Honda Accord LX 2.3 and when do you change the caliper on the pads?

Ask for and Purchase OEM style pads. The caliber will need replacing only when there is a problem with it. If you have your brake fluid changed as outlined in your owners manual or every 36,000 miles, you may never have to replace the caliber.

What type brake fluid 1993 Honda accord?

dot 3 or 4