How has technology changed the area of physical activity?

Of course technology is a must in our world, but since the computer has come in and almost every household has one, it can make people into far more than just couch potatoes and they spend more time on the computer than being active outside. I do see in British Columbia Canada (I do it myself because I work off my computer) that many people have taken up jogging, fast walking and biking. Even though in most places in the U.S. and Canada has poor air quality (some worse than others) it's good to get out and get some fresh air. It's also important to retain relationships with family and friends and sometimes technology can cause one to be lax in these areas. It amazes me that with cordless phones, faxes, computers, cell phones, etc., it's harder to get a person than it use to be 20 years or more ago when we had plain old phones (not to mention pay phones.) My Lord, people actually had to walk, take a bus or drive to another person's house to drive to a designated area to meet up with someone. How do most of us like talking to an automated voice! Technology also brings power and greed at times. One example is technology can pump out more pills for the public who are brain-washed by TV, magazine articles and the news that they MUST or SHOULD NOT do this and that and we've become a pill popping society for every little twinge we have. Some Technology is questionable such as cloning. Sometimes our foods are cloned and they don't know what it will do to humans until many years down the road. Technology to me has taken the feeling out of many people and it's becoming a more robotic society. Well Technology in other fields is soaring and making great strides in progress, anything that is more modern to help the general public is actually taking something away from us all. There are more social phobics than ever. Why? Because they sit behind a computer or watch TV and don't get out to meet people on a healthier basis. It makes the rich get richer, the poor get poorer (at times) and more risks are taken because of it. The pros of Technology is that we have better machines for testing diseases; cures for diseases, etc. We can build large buildings in a single bound! LOL It goes on and on. But, remember, when technology soars we give up a little something. I think technology and some of the old ways can work well together and we'd have a much better balance in our world.