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The main use of coal is in the creation of electricity via burning to power generators.

Another less prevalent use of coal is in home heating with coal stoves.

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Q: How is coal used?
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When is coal mine used?

How did they used to coal mine

What is one thing that coal is used for?

coal is used for heat

Is coal an adjective?

No. Coal is a noun, but is widely used as an adjunct with other nouns, as in coal scuttle, coal car, coal chute, or coal miner. The adjective "coaly" is used for the look, smell or other attributes of coal.

What is coal used for today?

Coal is mainly used for Electricity and Heat

How is coal used by humans?

Coal is used for electricity and industrial uses

What is anthracite coal used for?

Anthracite coal is used for steel making.

What is coal used to produce?

Coal is used to produce heat and electricity.

How is coal energy used for communities?

Coal is used by communities by BBQ

How can coal be conserved?

Since coal is used for electricity you can save coal for electricity

Is coal only used in areas with warn temperature?

No. Coal can be used anywhere.

What is coal produced for?

Coal is not produced it is mined (it is a natural resource/product). Coal is used (burned) as a source of enery and coal products (given off when coal is heated) are used in the chemical industry.

What is the uses of coal?

Coal is used to generate electricity.

What were the medieval coal rakes used for?

to rake coal

How was coal a key to industrialization?

Coal was used as power.

What are the causes of coal mining?

Coal mining is done to collect coal, which can be used for a number of things. Coal can be used for burning in power plants for electricity, and can be condensed into diamonds.

What is the total percentage of coal?

compared to what. Percentage of coal used to make iron/steel, or percentage of coal shipped overseas, or percentage of coal used to make electricity, or....

How is coal used in a power station?

the coal is crushed first then the coal is passed for burning

What materials was used to make coal trucks?

what materials were used to make coal trucks

What are facts about coal?

The main use of coal is in industry. Coal is used to generate electricity, it's used for smelting metals, and other manufacturing processes that require a high temperature. The leading producer of coal is China; the leading exporter of coal is Australia; the leading importer of coal is Japan.Coal can be used for heat in a furnace or grill, it can be used for chalk and other writing materials, coal is also a made up way to scare kids into being good to get toys from Santa, and not a lump of coal.You can get black lungs for breathing in this air.1. Coal is coal 2. Coal is not chocolate3. Coal is really coalwhat are other interesting facts about coal

Why is coal used for energy?

Coal is used for energy because it is abundant and substantial amounts of energy can be released by buring it or something made from it, like coal oil or coal gas.

Which Type of coal is used as household fuel?

Pea coal has been used in household coal stoves for more than a century and a half. It is typically crushed anthracite coal, or sometimes semi-bituminous coal.

What was coal used for before electricity?

Before electricity, Coal was used for heat. Coal heat was used to create steam for steam engines on railroads and ships in transportation.

What is the purpose of coal?

coal is used for fires,heat,and etc.

How did they shape the coal for the titanic?

They just used normal coal.

Does Mars have coal on it?

It does not have coal on it but it used to thousands of years ago.