How is the Anglican church different from other Christian churches?

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It -- like the Orthodox Church -- considers itself, along with the Catholic Church as one of the 3 direct shoots from the early Church. The great expositor of this view and opposer of it later, was John Henry Newman. Do read him. I just saw yesterday that he is to be beatified. And I think (along with 3 popes) that he will be made a Doctor of the Church. One relevant work of his is "Certain Difficulties Felt by Anglicans in Catholic Teaching"
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What is the difference between the Anglican Church and the Church of England?

Contrary to the post below, the Anglican Church consists of a large number of separate 'provinces' that are all part of the Anglican communion worldwide. The Church of Engla

What are the differences between the Anglican Church and traditional Christian ideals?

Many people would say there are no differences. It depends on how you define "traditional Christian ideals." In many senses, the Anglican church is the most true to tradition,

What is the difference between the Anglican church and the Uniting church?

They are closely aligned in theology (except for Sydney Anglican) however the most obvious difference is that they are structured differently. The Uniting Church operates as a

Why is baptism different in the Anglican church?

Different from what other practice? Baptism in the Anglican Church makes use of the three symbols, the cross, water and light. The Cross of Christ is made on the person's fore

What is the difference between Roman Catholic churches and Anglican churches?

In theory ... the only difference is that they have a different head bishop and internal heirarchy structure. Since the split occurred more than 500 years ago (Henry VIII w

What is the difference in the Catholic Church and Anglican church?

Of all Protestant bodies they are the closest to Catholicism in form and structure. always conservative, the British Catholics (RC) also lagged a bit behind on Vatican II refo

What is the difference between The Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church?

Roman Catholic Answer The main difference is that the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ who sent the Holy Spirit on the Apostles at Pentecost to form the Church in

What is the difference between Anglican and Anglican catholic church?

It is a scandal that there is a difference! Historically the Church in England was the Body of Christ that had been in this country since just after the Cruxifiction of Our

What makes the Anglican Church different from other Christian denominations?

They use The Book of Common Prayer in their services. It is formally the Established Church of England ie part of the State - a number of bishops sit in the "House of Lor

What is the difference between Anglican Church and Anglican Catholic church?

Not much difference at all. Eucharist comes from the greek word meening "thanksgiving". It is based on the events that happened at the last supper. All christian groups perfor

What was the difference between the Anglicanism church with other churches?

There is only one Church and that is the Catholic Church. Historically, in this country for the best part of two thousand years, the Anglican Church has been that Church! To

What is the difference between the Anglican catholic church and the Anglocan Church?

To be a Catholic, one has to be a member of the Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Body of Christ! It is usually by Baptism that one gains this privilege and later after

What is the difference between Anglican church and Christian church?

The Anglican church is one group of denominations within the larger Christian church -- unless you mean the groups that grew out of the Restoration movement and Campbell in th