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remove the four screws that come from the backside of the steering wheel this should allow you to remove the center part be careful with the air bag connection* Disconnect the battery for thirty minutes to discharge the airbag capacitor before removing the airbag. Wear protective eyewear. Hold the airbag with the cover aimed away from you. Do not mess with the airbag electrical connections while it is disconnected.

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Q: How is the center panel of the steering wheel removed to replace the on-off control to the cruise control on a 1999 Explorer?
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How do you replace the cruise control buttons in the steering wheel of a 1999 explorer?

the air bag needs to be removed in order to have access to the screws holding down the switch.

How do you replace steering wheel control light in Silverado?

Have to replace the whole switch

How do you replace an Isuzu Rodeo steering wheel?

To replace an Isuza Rodeo steering the steering column should first be removed. Pop off the front steering wheel cover to see the steering wheel nut. Loosen the nut and remove the wheel.

Replace fuel pump on ford explorer 1993?

The fuel tank will have to be removed from the Explorer. The pump is bolted in the top of the tank.

2004 explorer heater control?

how hard is it to replace the blending door

How do you replace the ball joints on a 02 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 can they be pressed out of the steering knuckle or control arm or do you have to replace the entire steering knuckle or upper control arm?

They are pressed in and out with a set of special tools.

Why is it NECESSARY to remove the steering wheel to replace the ignition switch on a 1994 Ford Explorer?

I was under the impression the switch was on the steering column about 18 inches from the floor. The lock assy is under the steering wheel.

Must the steering knuckle be removed to replace the front coil springs in an 84 Park Avenue?

pop that knuckleSure. Support the lower control arm with a floor jack, separate the steering knucklefrom the upper control arm with a "pickle fork", or other ball joint separating tool.Some auto parts stores will rent the tool to you.

Steering wheel hard to turn in 1994 Lexus ls400?

1991 Lexus ls400 hard steering at ilde rack &pump have been replace all screencleaned or removed.

Sc400 how to replace power steering pump?

There is 3 bolts and the hose lines which need to be removed after removing fan belt

Do you have to replace the entire Lowe control arm on a 1997 Lincoln town car to replace the Lower ball joint?

no the balljoint can be removed

How do you Replace Steering wheel fluid?

Remove the plug on the bottom of the power steering fluid pump. Drain the power steering fluid out. Replace the plug to the bottom of the power steering pump. Replace the power steering fluid.

How do you replace the steering wheel radio and cruise control buttons on a 1999 Lincoln town-car your buttons have melted?

replace the whole steering wheel cause once the buttons have melted??...they wont work anyway.

How do you replace the lights on the steering wheel radio controls for a 2004 LeSabre?

You need to buy and replace the switch. The switch is removed bu using a small flathead screwdirver, and simply prying it out of its hole on the steering wheel. Disconnect the wires, connect to the new switch and replace the switch in it's hole.

How do you replace steering rack audie a4?

How to replace power steering pump on Audi

How do you replace cruise control switches on 2002 ford explorer sport trac?

ford will do it because there is a recall on this item

How do you replace evaporator on a 1992 Ford Explorer?

How do you replace evaporator on a 1992 ford explorer?"

Are the ball joints on the lower control arms on a 2000 ford explorer xls 4x2 replaceable or do you need to replace the whole lower control arm?

You can replace just the ball joints on the lower control arms , but the upper ball joints come with a new control arm

How do you replace the belt on power steering pump?

What have to do replace the belts water pump power steering

Pontiac 2000 Montana is it hard to change power steering pump?

yes and no. with the amount of room, i rotated the motor, removed the battery, and partially removed the windshied wiper fluid resoviour. You must disconnect both hoses or the power steering pump will not come out. While you have the power steering pump out, you should replace the high pressure hose.

How to replace the flasher on a 2001 Ford Explorer?

go down under the dash and on the passenger side of the steering wheel and there will be a box 2x8 and it will be a fuse yellow or blue

How do you replace sensor for horn in steering wheel 1996 cavalier?

A person removes the airbag, and then the steering wheel with a steering wheel puller. Then pull out the sensor and clock spring, replace both, and replace the steering wheel and the airbag.Ê

How do you change the bulbs in the steering wheel of a 1994 Trans Am that control the radio?

I was told that the bulbs are not replaceable. You have to replace the entire pad.

How do you replace wiper control switch Honda civic 1996?

To replace the wiper control switch in the 1996 Honda Civic, you must remove the steering wheel. With the wheel out of the way , remove the column covers and disconnect the electrical harness from the wiper switch. Remove respective screws and slide replacement switch into place. Replace respective screws, column cover and steering wheel.

How do you replace lower control arm in 1999 Mazda 626?

Detach lower ball joint from steering knuckle. Remove bolts that secure control arm to vehicle.