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Must the steering knuckle be removed to replace the front coil springs in an 84 Park Avenue?

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pop that knuckleSure. Support the lower control arm with a floor jack, separate the steering knucklefrom the upper control arm with a "pickle fork", or other ball joint separating tool.Some auto parts stores will rent the tool to you.
2011-09-13 11:51:43
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Q: Must the steering knuckle be removed to replace the front coil springs in an 84 Park Avenue?
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Do you need to remove the coil spring to replace the upper control arm bushing on 1990 dodge ram van?

I have a '96 and I know they changed some things, but to my knowledge it's not necessary. I've completely removed my upper control arms without touching the coil springs. The coil spring goes from the lower arm to the frame, and the upper only connects to the steering knuckle.

Is a ball joint a load carrying joint or locating joint?

The vehicle load is supported by the springs, or if so equipped, torsion bars. But the ball joint or joints take a good deal of stress from steering and especially driving on rough or bumpy roads, transmitted through the wheel and steering knuckle.

How do you replace rear springs on Renault espace?

how do you replace the rear springs on a renault espace

When should you replace a car's springs?

There is no set time or mileage when to replace automotive springs. It would be when springs are fatigued, cracked or broken. At that point the springs should be replaced in pairs.

How do you take apart drum to replace breaks on 1990 Toyota corona?

The drums don't disassemble-they are one piece. They should be removed and turned by a shop then you should replace springs on backing plate and shoes. It is not a job for a novice. the shoes can be purchased with/without the springs and are color coded.

Where can you find an exploded view of the tilt wheel steering column for a 1988 Suburban from the tilt knuckle up?

He is right, the LMC cataloge was the only place I found it. But as warning, it is WAY easier to just replace the whole steering column. You can get one at any junk yard for $150, and it will only take a few hours to replace. Tearing into the column you will need a steering wheel puller, a plate compressing tool, and once you get to the tilt part you might as well forget about putting all those springs and little parts back together. the lmc truck cataloge online! then, they will, if you want, send you one for free....some of their pics are better then in my chilton!

How do you replace trunk lid springs on a 1983 Mercedes 380sl?

How do you replace trunk lid springs on a 107 body 1983 mercedes 380sl?

How do you replace air bags for suspension?

Don't bother,replace with regular coil springs

How do you remove and reattach springs on 02 kia rear brakes?

you need a large pair of channel locks or brake spring removal tool, i use channel locks, but watch your knuckles ,those springs are knuckle busters !

How do you replace the brakes on a 2004 suzuki XL7?

get your rotors turned. or it may be cheaper to buy new ones. undo the caliper to steering knuckle bolts and caliper sliding pins. remove old pads, use brake lube on pad to caliper contacting surfaces. caliper to knuckle bolts need to be around 130 ft/lbs, pins need to be around 40 i believe. as for the rears replace wheel cylinders if they are weeping as it will contaminate new brakes. check drums for out of round/taper, remove hold-down springs (the ones that hold the shoes to the backing plate so that you remember where your springs go, if your springs are worn buy a combi-kit that will contain all new springs. make sure you wash the new drums and rotors thoroughly before installing as they come coated in an anti-corrosive chemical for transporting. after you get your brakes installed tighten the drums in the back via the hole in your backing plate with a screw driver, you want to turn the star-wheel until you have slight friction when hand turning the tires.

How do you replace strut and coil spring on Nissan 300zx?

replace coil springs in a nissan 300zx

How hard is it to replace struts?

It isn't hard at all aslong as you have patience and alittle know how. Be warned I highly suggest you take the struts once removed from the car to a service center to have them remove the strut from the springs!

Should I replace the cracked rear springs on my 95 Aerostar Van even tho it drives OK?

A cracked spring can suddenly break causing an accident. Replace the cracked springs, ASAP.

Renault Megane the coil spring is broken is it easy to replace?

The coil springs are not easy to remove or install. The spring needs to be compressed in order to be removed. It takes several hundred pounds of pressure to compress the spring.

How do you replace rear brake shoes on kawasaki 3010 mule?

The rear brake shoes, on a Kawasaki 3010 Mule, will come off. When the brake springs are removed. Reverse the process to install new brake shoes.

Why would my 1985 Nissan 720 pickup horn not work?

have u taken the steering wheel off, if u did,their are 2 one inch springs that will fall out of their holes, these springs make contact on metal when u push horn,if u lost them u can use the springs off a writing pen, i did, i replace horns and horn relay until i figured that those 2springs that fell out went to the horn

Could you replace air shocks in a 97 Lincoln mark vii with regular shocks?

You have to replace with springs and shocks

Can you put spring on and remove the air bags?

yes, I put Springs on my car And removed my air ride bags Springs from a crown vic with springs fit right on, no problems rides nice too, Mike

Can you replace zw7 shocks on a 2003 Tahoe with standard shocks?

If you replace the manual leveling shocks on the rear with regular shocks you also have to replace the rear coil springs with stiffer ones. Use gm part #15182559 or bilstein part #199021 to replace the coil springs. The coil springs that come with the manual leveling shocks are not stiff enough to use with regular shocks, causing the rear end to droop.

How do you replace rear struts Dodge Intrepid?

The Dodge Intrepid does not have rear struts. This automobile has rear shocks and springs. The shocks can be removed by removing the retaining bolts on the top and bottom of the shock. Reverse the process to install the new shocks.

Why replace rear springs in a car?

Because they've gone soft and saggy.

Is it a good idea to replace all the coil springs if one is bad or just the one that is bad?

Replace them in pairs. If you replace one front, replace both. One rear, both.

What if your rear end is low and you know that you need new shocksbut you also want to replace the coil springs?

if you go with original equipment you need to replace either shocks or springs or both with factory specifications. shocks are matched to springs by load capacity and rebound force, you see, if you swap out shocks for race shocks they will be a lot more stiff, you can play with shocks a little but the springs must match the shock specs. an example would be say,you replace your factory springs with racing-lowering springs, but stuck with factory shocks, the car would bounce all over the road cause the springs are much stronger than the damping load the shocks are designed to handle

How do you replace leaf springs on 1994 Toyota Tacoma?

Actually it is better to take it to a big truck shop and they can respring them and add extra springs if you want.

How do you remove and replace the front struts on a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird LE and what tools do you need?

You can't. The springs around them need to be removed with a spring compressor and put back on the new struts with the spring compressor if the springs are still good. These springs are under very high tension and if you try to do it yourself you'll get a strut right through your skull! The rear shocks are easy, but for struts, take it to a professional, then it will be aligned properly too.