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Butch, read your contract. Most say only that you have to be in DEFAULT. Sooo, your answer?? ONE DAY.

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Q: How late do you have to be on your payments before the financer repossesses your car in California?
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What can happen if your car is stolen before the bank repossesses it?

Don't do it! You will get caught.

What are the steps in a foeclosure in California before you get the boot out of your home?

The bank has to successfully file to foreclose your home. You still have a period to redeem your house by making payments before the sale.

Can you surrender your car to the loan lender to prevent repo and not have to make payments anymore in California?

NOT unless the LENDER agrees before you do IN WRITING.

If you go from Missouri to California to repo a car but the payments are caught up before you get there do they still have to pay your expenses?

Thats depends on the contract the "repoman" signed with the lender before he/she started out on that little adventure.

How long can you go without car payments before they repossess it?

Three payments

How many late payments before they can reposses your car in California?

by law they can repossess your car if you are 1 day late. However, your best option is to get professional help.

If you cosign for a student loan does it show up on your credit report before or after the student starts making payments?

It shows on your credit report even before they start making payments.

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Who was on California before the Americans?

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How many payments misse before repossession?

Usually 3

How many missed mortgage payments before you get repossessed?

Its usually 3 months when the bank starts the paperwork and harrassing you to make payments

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In Georgia How many payments do you have to be behind before they can repossess your car?


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How many payments do you miss before wellsfargo forecloses in Oregon?

Not sure the case in Oregon, but usually after 3 missed payments, the foreclosure proceedings start.

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How many missed mortgage payments before it is placed on your credit report?


How many days late on car payments before it is repo?

60 days

How many payments can be missed before foreclosure begins in South Carolina?


How far behind on a auto loan before they repo the auto?

3 payments

How long is one subject to repossession after payments have stopped in California?

Thats a unique question. You are subject to repo until the loan is payed or the car is found. I have looked for a car for 3 yrs before. Finally spotted it at walmart. GONE.....

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After the car is auctioned can you make payments for the remaining balance?

ONLY if the lender agrees to doing so. After all, you agreeded to make make payments on the car once before.