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Thats depends on the contract the "repoman" signed with the lender before he/she started out on that little adventure.

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Can a property bought before marriage with a brother be protected if a divorce were to happen all expenses and loan payments were paid by the two brothers?

If you get a written agreement.

What are the steps in a foeclosure in California before you get the boot out of your home?

The bank has to successfully file to foreclose your home. You still have a period to redeem your house by making payments before the sale.

What are the college expenses before enrolling?

some expenses include applicaton fees and traveling expenses.

Can you surrender your car to the loan lender to prevent repo and not have to make payments anymore in California?

NOT unless the LENDER agrees before you do IN WRITING.

Is the executor fees calculated after funeral expenses or before?

After funeral expenses

What is the meaning of Expenses?

Expenses are money spent or cost incurred in an organization's efforts to generate revenue, representing the cost of doing business.Expenses may be in the form of actual cash payments (such as wages and salaries), a computed expired portion (depreciation) of an asset, or an amount taken out of earnings (such as bad debts).Expenses are summarized and charged in the income statement as deductions from the income before assessing income tax.Whereas all expenses are costs, not all costs (such as those incurred in acquisition of income generating assets) are expenses.

What is preoperative expenses?

Incurred expenses before company formation after commencement of business

In Missouri can a 17 year old move out without permission and what happens to child support?

No. The legal age is 18 in Missouri and you can not move out wihtout parental consent before that. If they allow you to move out they are still obligated to pay for you. You will not get the child support but as always they will use it to pay for your expenses.

How late do you have to be on your payments before the financer repossesses your car in California?

Butch, read your contract. Most say only that you have to be in DEFAULT. Sooo, your answer?? ONE DAY.

How long can you go without car payments before they repossess it?

Three payments

How many late payments before they can reposses your car in California?

by law they can repossess your car if you are 1 day late. However, your best option is to get professional help.

Can a nonprofit Organization debit the projects Expenses and credit Payable Accounts once Projects are approved by the Board in order to track payments to Charity Organizations owning those projects?

Debiting the Projects expenses once they are approved and before they are paid or accrued violates all Accounting standards and distorts Financial reporting .The NFP Organization may keep track of projects Payments through budgeted Accounts in its Accounting System.

What is the relationship between income and expenses before a break-even point is reached?

Before the break even point, total expenses exceed total income and there is a loss made.

How does loss before income tax affect accrued expenses?

loss before income tax affect accrued expenses is to avoid the billing of credit

Many years ago before there were cars mail was delivered by horse.the pony express operated between St.Joseph Missouri and city of California what city was that?


What do you mean by premliminary expenses?

Preliminary expenses are all those expenses which company incurred before starting of basic busines activity or production of volume of units like legal expenses etc.

What NFL team is the oldest in California?

The oldest team in California is the San Francisco 49ers. They formed in 1946, as part of the AAFC. They have played all their home games in California. The Rams were formed before the 49ers, but had left California, and returned to the state in 2016. They started in Cleveland, and moved to California in 1946. They left California and played from 1995-2015 in Missouri.

Why are lease payments included in numerator of fixed charge coverage ratio?

because lease payment is deducted as expenses in profit and loss statement. So while calculating this ratio again we have to add it to earnings before interest and tax

What is annual gross profit?

Profit before expenses

Is legal expense an admin expense?

Legal expenses is not an admin expenses since legal expenses ararise due to legal issues of the organization. legal expenses are not recurring expenses by nature. Example of legal expenses are feees paid to the professional to represent the legal issues before the competent authority.

Does revenue generally mean after expenses or before expenses?

Revenue is before expenses or other costs of doing business. Revenue may be goods or services sold, or rent income , subscription income, interest income, or many other forms of income.

Can you deduct expenses incurred before formally beginning a business?

Certainly - If one is able to establish that expenses were related to the business

What is the meaning of gross?

That is the total sum, before expenses or costs.

What is meant by Pre and Post hospitalization?

Expenses before hospitalization is called Pre-Hospitalization expenses and expenses after discharge from the hospital are called Post-Hospitalization expenses. Usually 30 days pre-hospitalization and 60 days post hospitalization expenses are covered under mediclaim policies.

What is net operating expenses i just want you to define the word net operating expenses?

Net operating expenses are the total of a companies income after the expenses have been deducted but before all the taxes have been deducted. This is the opposite of net profit.