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== == In many cases can live with Cirrhosis of the liver, if the person gets to the doctor right away. This is usually brought on by heavy drinking for many years (but some young people can get this disease as well if they drink heavier than most in their age bracket.) However other ways to have Cirrhosis of the liver is Hep B,C or D; autoimmune hep; some drugs, toxins and infections; blocked bile ducts and some inherited diseases such as Hemochromatosis (the body absorbs too much iron); Wilson's disease (buildup of too much copper in the liver); Protoporphyria (disorder that affects the skin, bone marrow and liver. Symptoms are: feel tired or weak; loss of appetite; feel sick to your stomach; lose weight; have nose bleeds, bruise or bleed easily. Any medication you may be on may affect you on the stronger side because your liver is not able to break it down. Waste materials from food may build up in the blood or brain and may cause confusion or difficulty thinking. Protein that you eat breaks down into chemicals like ammonia. A healthy liver removes these byproducts. Enlarged veins may develop in the esophagus and stomach. One could vomit blood or have signs of blood in a bowel movement. Kidneys may fail (unable to urinate after taking in fluids.) For more severe cases bloating (retaining water and not being able to urinate) to jaundice. If the person continues to drink alcohol then death will certainly occur quicker than later. Being treated for Cirrhosis depends on how long the patient has ignored the symptoms (or possibly not known what to look for in the early stages.) The scar tissue on the liver will never go away completely, but treating the cause will keep cirrhosis from getting worse. Cure: If you drink STOP!!!!! If it's from Hepatitis C there are medications. A simple blood test will help the doctor determine what type of Cirrhosis you have. KEEPING CIRRHOSIS FROM GETTING WORSE: Stop drinking completely! Drink plenty of water!!!! Don' take medications including those you buy without prescription such as vitamins and herbal supplements without discussing it with your doctor. If in doubt phone your pharmacist. Many people may take something for a cold so remember this simple rule if you have Cirrhosis .... IF YOU DON'T REALLY NEED AN OVER THE COUNTER MED, DON'T TAKE IT! IF YOU DO, THEN CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR OR YOUR PHARMACIST. REMEMBER .... YOUR LIVER IS A FILTER ORGAN, SO DON'T DAMAGE IT FURTHER! Get vaccinated against Hep A and Hep B. These forms of liver disease are preventable. Get a flu shot, but ask your doctor first. Your immune system is low if you have Cirrhosis of the liver. Avoid raw shellfish such as oysters. Many people don't realize they can live with a very little bit of their liver present (surgery) and also that the liver can rejuvenate itself. If a person wants to save their life then they should keep in good contact with their specialist, listen well, do as you are told and lead a healthy lifestyle. The choice is up to the individual.

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Q: How long can you live with cirrhosis?
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How long can an alcoholic live with liver cirrhosis?

two years

How long can a person live with cirrhosis?

A person with cirrhosis of the liver can live for many years until they receive a transplant. The chances of survival prior to a transplant depend on the person's ability to get treatment. If a person with cirrhosis does not get a transplant, they will die.

How long can a person live with cirrhosis of the liver without treatment?

Until they die.

Can cirrhosis be caused by alcoholism?

Long-term alcoholism is the primary cause of cirrhosis in the United States.

How long does it take Cirrhosis to kill you?

Each person that suffers from Cirrhosis of the liver will have a different life span. Some people may live for years after they are diagnosed while others die within months.

What causes most American cirrhosis?

Long-term alcoholism is the primary cause of cirrhosis in the United States

Why do people with cirrhosis have to be on a strict diet?

people want to live

When a doctor tells you are at the end stages of cirrhosis and you don't have much longer to live what does that mean?

Cirrhosis is a scarred liver, normally caused by alcoholism, long-time liver disease. Since the liver is a very important organ, when it fails, you don't have much longer to live unless you get a transplant.

Can you get better from cirrhosis of the liver and live 10 years plus?

Cirrhosis of the liver involves irreversible damage. The only treatment is abstaining from alcohol, and supporting liver function by not stressing it in other ways. It is possible to live for long periods with liver damage, provided that it is not too far advanced.

Which one is a long-term effect of alcohol on the body?


How do you live with liver cirrhosis without transplantation?

Some weaks to many years

What is the long term name for when alcohol damages the liver cells?


Which one of the following is a long term effect of alcohol on the body?


What are signs and symptoms of death with primary bilary cirrhosis?

Ihave bilary cirrhosis and use ursodoil 3 times a day ? how long do i have to live? i now iam gona go sometime because i lost my mom and my sister to it it is in the gene and so dose my daughter?

Is cirrhosis of the liver a long term or short term?

Cirrhosis of the liver is a long term problem. Once the liver is damaged it will repair itself to some extent but not back to the healthy liver you were born with.

How long does the last stage of cirrhosis last?

just answer the question-this is not suppose to be funny

What happened to Joseph?

He died of cirrhosis of the liver caused by long term Alcoholism.

What organ does cirrhosis affect?

Cirrhosis affects the liver.

What is compensated cirrhosis?

It is cirrhosis without any symptoms

Does Cirrhosis of the liver cause hepatitis?

No, but hepatitis is one cause of cirrhosis. (Cirrhosis simply means "scarring.")

What are long term effects of hepatitis B?

long term can cause cirrhosis, liver cancer, liver failure

Which system does cirrhosis affect?

Cirrhosis affects the digestive system.

What happened to Joseph McCarthy?

He died of cirrhosis of the liver caused by long term alcoholism.

How long has one got with cirrhosis of the liver?

ask your DR. if you dont have one ... get one

How long does a person live with the finnal stage of cirrhosis of the liver?

An individuals life expectancy with cirrhosis can be calculated using the "MELD" score - an algebraic formula Modelling End stage Liver Disease, based on blood results and other factors. Please see related link for the MELD calculator.