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Depends on the person and their condition. Within three monthes of consistant work including a good nutritional plan, you'll see results. The key is to commit to it for life.

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Q: How long do you have to work out with cardio and weight training before you start to tone?
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When should start lifting weigts you were 260 pound 2 weeks ago and now you are 251should you stay with cardio or start lifting weigts?

This would depend on your aim. If your are looking to loose weight I would suggest supplementing your cardio workouts with weight training, performing the weight training before the cardio as this will use up glycogen so you burn more fat during the cardio. Also it will increase your muscle mass, which will increase your metabolism, the rate that you burn energy. Also try going for a walk/run first thing in the morning, before breakfast as your glycogen stores should be empty so you will burn more fat than if you do cardio any other time of the day.

Will cross trainer cardio help jump start my weight loss?

The benefits of cross trainer cardio is that it adds variety to your training and makes bordom less likely. Also cross training works the muscles at different angles for a total training experience.

How should weight training often start?

Before you start weight training it is always important to stretch so you do not pull any muscles while working out.

Hi you are 32 years old male you are 252 pound now just lost 9pound in 2.5 weeks you wonted to ask if you should start lifting weight now or should you stay with the cardio for more time?

I'd say start lifting now. A good mix of both Strength Training and Cardio, along a good diet is the best mix for weight loss and overall fitness.

What weights should I use with my cardio program?

Start with soft low weight dumbells, increase the weight as you gain strength.

At what age is weight training incoporated into football?

they like to start kids in junior high on weight training for football.

What are the benefits of using speed training equipment?

If you are just beginning to get into the habit of exercises and training, then hold off on speed training equipment. Start slow and work with cardio machines and weight machines to build up muscle and tone down fat. Once your body builds more energy and muscle you can incorporate speed training.

Do sit ups help you to lose weight?

No, hardly at all. Cardio exercise is needed for weight loss. Cardio exercise if the very best fat burning exercise. See the page links further down this page, listed under Related Questions, for more information about how do do cardio exercise for weight loss.Yes, if you do enough. Anything to help speed up your Metabolism will help you loose weight, but I would start with cardio and loose some fat before working on your abs.No but it strengths your stomach muscles which will help hold your stomach fat.

How long does it take to improve cardio?

It all depends on how good of shape you are in it also depends on your diet and your body weight and the sport you training forMy definition of cardio means the Breath of Life to start getting results about 90 days alternating 7 days a week light days and heavy days

Will weight training shoes protect my feet?

Yes, weight training shoes may help protect your feet from harm while working out. It is also important that you start out slowly and gradually increase your weight training. It is also useful to stretch and warm up the body before a heavy work out to avoid injury.

What sort of immediate changes happen to a footballers cardio vascular system at the start of training?

It starts to pump blood quickly

How often can I use a weight machine before it stops doing anything for me?

It will be over a year or more under good training before you start to see diminishing returns.

Can you lose weight by doing mild cardio?

Yes. Mild cardio is still cardio. Whenever you do cardio, your metabolism starts to boost up to give your body the needed calories to maintain the exercise you are doing. When your metabolism boosts up, your body starts taking calories from either fat, muscle or your stomach depending on many variables and you start losing weight.

How do you modify your body weight safely though exercise?

Strength training and interval cardio exercise are the most efficient. Walking at various speeds for an hour or so a day will improve your weight. Also, since there are fewer injuries associated with walking you will most likely finish what you start.

Weight training causes all day hunger how can lose weight?

Start a cardio routine with your weight training, and of course eat a healthy diet. Doing this will cause you to lose wieght, people who say they do all this and try and try are either not working out nearly hard enough, or they are not dieting properly. Just give it time, weight loss doesn't magically happen in one month its takes more like one year.

How do you start waist training a corset?

Generally I start off with some cardio and then do some twisting and side bends and train my obliques hard to keep my waist in proper conditioning

How do you start a security guard card training business?

Before you start a security guard training business you need to register it.

What is the best exercise for fast weight loss?

Aerobic or cardio (short for 'cardiovascular') exercises are good for weight loss. If you want fast weight loss it's best to exercise and make dietary improvements.Any activity that increases your heart and respiration rates is cardio exercise (such as brisk walking outdoors on on a treadmill, cross-country skiing, jogging, running, minitrampolining, nordic walking, etc.) There are different degrees of cardio from mild to intense. Intense cardio exercises include running, interval training, and graded exercise protocol. Those are not for beginners.If you are a beginner start with brisk walking. For more information about cardio, and how to do it correctly for weight loss, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

What is the best way to get a healthy workout?

To get a healthy workout, you need to do cardio activity at least 30 minutes a day, and then add weight-training every other day or so. Start with lower weights and small reps, then increase over time.

Are there any good fitness plans to ease someone back into health?

A good place to start when easing back into exercise is light cardio. Simply starting to walk everyday can go a long way. Then light weight training should be added in.

What is a good age to start training to become a WWE wrestler?

In Australia you start training when you are 16 but you can always workout before that to get strong

What is the best way to start a weight training routine safely?

The best way to start a weight training routine safely is to start out slow and move your self up the chains. Do your maxes and cut that in half for your routine schedule. You maxes should increase slowly.

How do you start weight lifting?

You get weights and lift them or join a sport/ training group

What is the best age for kids to start weight training?

I would guess 12 - when they start junior high school.

How long will it take to start losing weight after excrsising?

I think itwill take a year before you start losing weight or increasing in weight.

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