How long does a buy here pay here take to get a car repossessed?

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Every company is different..collections start the minute a payment goes past due. Usually the repo starts after 3 pmts are due maybe sooner if
there are no communications with the customer or maybe later if someone has managed to stall off the repo.
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Can a buy here pay here put a repossession on your credit report in the state of Florida if you have not had the car over 3 months?

If they repossessed the car, you bet they can. It makes no difference how long you had the car. You failed to make your payments and the car was repossessed, so this will go o

Can a buy here pay here car lot repossess your car and not want a payment and not want to give your car back?

\nThis depends on the contract. Many contracts allow them to demand full payment if you are even one day late. You then usually have 10 days or so to pay the entire thing of

Can you take a buy here pay here car out of state?

Most places that allow customers to 'buy here, pay here' will let abuyer take a vehicle to a neighboring state. The business doing thefinancing will want to be notified if a b

What is the law for car repossession for a used car at a buy here pay here dealership?

It may vary by state, but car repo (snatch and run) is against the law in Louisiana. If the repo man shows up wanting you to sign some papers, and has a cop sitting close by,

Can a buy here pay here car be repossessed?

Even though it is a buy here pay here dealer it is in the contract you signed. You dont pay they will take your car and you WILL have to pay the late payments on top of the r
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If you take a car back to a buy here pay here do you still have to pay the balance?

Yes, of course. Read your contract. A BHPH lot offers alternative financing to people who can't get financing otherwise. The terms are the same as any standard financing agree
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Can you still buy a car at a buy here pay here if you have two repossessed cars?

Buy here pay here lots make the decisions themselves to sell you a car or not. They typically base this on a number of factors not over looking their gut instinct. The only wa