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It depends on how much time you give them in your contract. Read the contract. It should have a completion date in it somewhere. If not, then they might just take their sweet old time.

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Q: How long does a contractor have to get a pool finished before they are in breach of contract?
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When a job was paid for but not finished?

If there was a contract for services in effect, you can sue them for breach of contract.

Does breach of contract void a contract?

A breach of contract does not void the entire contract. It can still be enforced.

Can a contractor place a lien on your property if the work failed to repair the problem and the contractor inflated the bill?

Sure and the contractor will file if you refuse to pay as long as your local statutory requirements are met and if the contractor thinks it did a good job and didn't breach the contract - but then it sounds as though you have at least two defenses: breach of contract for bad work (assuming the contract called for a level of work that this fell below) and excess billing (assuming the contract was for a specific amount and/or did not allow for additional charges due to unforeseen circumstances and you may have been at least told additional work was required). A lot will depend on the words in the contract.

Does any breach of contract allow the non breaching party to cancel the contract?

Not every breach allows a contract to be cancelled. It has to be a material breach.

What is the difference between breach of contract and discharge of contract?

Discharged mean terminated. A contract can be discharged by -performance -frustration -Agreement between the parties and -breach If there is a breach of terms of the contract, a contract can be discharged.

What can you do for a breach of a contract?

You can sue the other party. It would be a civil case for breach of contract.

What to do when a contractor does not want to pay a sub contractor?

Are you the contractor, the subcontractor, or the person who hired the contractor in the first place? If you're the person who hired the general contractor, you don't have to do anything - this is between the general contractor and the subcontractor. As long as you pay the contractor the agreed-upon price, you can wash your hands of the matter. If you're the subcontractor, and the general contractor who hired you is not paying what he owes, you can sue him for breach of contract. If you are the general contractor, you better have a really good reason for not paying the subcontractor (the subcontractor materially breached its contract with you, for example).

What is the opposite of obeying a contract?

breach of contract

I live in Texas and hired a general contractor to do some work for me. I paid him for supplies but he has yet to finish the job or bring all the supplier to me. What shall I do next?

I hope you have a signed contract with the contractor. Give him fair warning to perform the contract to its specifications or you will take him to court. If he does not - file suit against him for breach of contract.

What is theDifference between breach of contract and discharge of a contract?

breach is a form of discharge. Generally, a discharge is when a contract ends for any reason. A breach is when one of the parties does not perform under the contract. Breach could lead to discharge, rescission, or damages, or nothing.

What if a contract condition is not met?

lawsuit for breach of contract

What is a breech of contract?

A "breach of contract" is when you sign a contract to do or not do something, and then break the contract.

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