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Spotting(finding spots of blood on your underpants or toilet tissue after urinating) or bleeding is sometimes the first sign of miscarriage. Keep in mind, though, that spotting is common early in pregnancy and may or may not be a sign of a problem with the baby. About half of the time, it's a symptom of a miscarriage, an ectopic pregnancy, or a molar pregnancy. If you have any spotting or bleeding, call your doctor or midwife right away so she can determine whether your spotting indicates a potential problem. (If your blood is Rh-negative, you'll need a shot of Rh immunoglobulin within two or three days after you first notice bleeding.) You may also have abdominal pain, which can feel crampy or persistent as well as mild or sharp. Or you may just feel low Back pain or pelvic pressure. The cervix is the narrow, tubular, lower end of the uterus that extends into the vagina. (The word cervix means "neck" in Latin.) When you're not pregnant, the cervical canal remains open a tiny bit to allow sperm to enter the uterus and menstrual blood to flow out. Once you become pregnant, secretions fill the canal and form a protective barrier called the mucous plug. During a normal pregnancy, the cervix remains firm, long, and closed until late in the third trimester. At that point it usually starts to soften, efface (grow shorter), and dilate (open up) as your body prepares for labor.

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Q: How long does it take for a miscarriage to occur if you started spotting brown a week ago and it just started again and you were told your cervix is closed both times in the ER by a doctor?
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Are you having a miscarriage if you're almost 8 weeks pregnant and you have been bleeding for two weeks now and you went to the doctor last week and your cervix is still closed?

If your cervix is closed then this isn't a miscarriage. Your cervix usually opens during a miscarriage to expell the fetus. I would go to your gynocologist or local hospital and have a scan and internal examination to find out about your pregnancy. Also have a blood test that measures the amount of HCG in your blood to see if the HCG is decreasing instead of increasing. Usually if the cervix is closed it is a good sign however my cervix was closed at 8 weeks and i had very very light spotting and after an ultrasound at 9 weeks, 4 days later my baby had died. you need to go straight to the doctor or hospital if you have any bleed at all.

What if you cervix has been closed but you have had bleeding and you have had about 4 clots and now a bit of tissue but your cervix is still closed is this a miscarriage?

Please visit your doctor for an evaluation. You need to be seen as soon as possible.

Could you have miscarried or had an ectopic pregnancy?

I could have had a miscarriage but I had my cervix surgically closed until it was time to have my baby.

Why is your cervix closed?

my cervix is closed and the coil could'nt be fitted am i pregnant then?

What is cervical cerclage?

A cervical cerclage is a minor surgical procedure in which the opening to the uterus (the cervix) is stitched closed in order to prevent a miscarriage or premature birth.

What causes your cervix to bleed?

Well, this could mean you are in the early stage of a miscarriage. The cervix dialates and then the tissues and extra blood flow out first, then your baby (if it's small enough) I was 2cm dialated at 15 weeks. I went to my dr's and they sent me to the hospital. They went in and litterally tied my cervix closed. My cervix made a new mucus plug and closed on it's own and the stitches desolved. I am now (happily) 23 weeks pregnant today, no bleeding, no spotting, nothing. And baby moves like crazy. Go see your doctor ASAP. if you are too late. you could miscarry. Good Luck

Is it possible for the cervix to be open during early pregnancy when you are only 5 weeks and 6 days If yes what causes this and is it a sign of an impending miscarriage?

it is called an incompetent cervix, it can be caused by damaged during a previous birth or a previous surgury on the cervix. and from the cervix bein open it can cause a miscarriage, so that wouldn't happen you would need a cerclage which is a procedure in which the doctor will sew the cervix closed with sutures to reinforce the cervix and prevent it from dilating to early... hopefully this would help you because it sure helped me

Is the cervix opened or closed in early pregnancy?

i guess its never totally closed? so i should say in early pregnancy the cervix is "closed".

Can sperm go through your cervix if cervix feels closed?


Is brown spotting common during 6 months pregnancy?

I am just starting my 4th month of pregnancy, and I have had a small amount of brown spotting. I visited the hospital and was examined, and the doctor says I have an "involuted" cervix, which apparently means there is some tissue like the inside of the cervix on the OUTSIDE of the cervix. I was told that this tissue can be easily injured and will then bleed. The cervix was closed, however, indicating the bleeding was definitely from the inside, and not the outside. I also had an ultrasound, and the baby was fine. This was my experience, but I suggest you do visit your care provider or a hospital if you are having any spotting or pain. Everybody's different. Hope this helps!

Early pregnancy is the cervix opened or closed?

Closed. S

When you are five weeks pregnant and your cervix is closed is a miscarriage possible?

Hi, with my experience you can miscarriage 'anytime' I have miscarriaged at 4 and half weeks and again at 10 weeks, the first three months are cruicial for the embryo implanting on the lining of the wall of the womb, therefore take it easy and listen to your body, if spotting of blood happens all is not disaster - you must rest for a week until the spotting subsides, but if it is going to happen it will and your body will miscarriage the baby.. It is very hard on your emotions if you are trying for so long, but rest and definitely no stretching! Good luck and hope alls well for you...believe in fate, it will happen when it's suppose to..x

What is a nullip cervix?

A cervix that is long thick and closed or admits only a fingertip

Can your cervix be closed and not be pregnant?


Should the cervix be closed?


Your cervix was closed during your pap smear What does that mean?

when I went for a routine cancer smear my doctor said she could not do it because my cervix was closed.

Would a vaginal ultrasound at 9 weeks pregnant possibly cause one to start brown spotting the day after?

the cervix is very sensitive at this time. Any pressure on it at all could cause burst vessels and make spotting. Brown spotting is dead blood and is said to be not much concern unless it starts to become clotted and bright red. Call your doctor, have an u/s and get an internal to make sure your cervix is still closed tight.

I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to lose your mucus plug when your cervix is closed?

well, your cervix is closed when you loose your mucus plug. When your mucus plug comes out, that means that your cervix is starting to deface and dialate.

How would you know if your cervix closed after a miscarriage?

I think you wont know until you conceive again, then immediately you know about pregnancy consult your gynaecologist so that if there is a need for some procedures to occur can be done in time.

Can spotting be a symptom of pregnancy?

Sure it can! I am 4 weeks preggo and I have been having brownish spotting VERY lite for about 4 days now. My doc says everything is fine. My cervix is closed and the only thing we could see in an ultrasound this early is some thickening. Good luck!

What does a closed cervix and a period means?

Uterine congestion

What does it mean when your cervix is closed in the front but open in the back?

If your cervix is closed in the front but open in the back, this might mean you are about to start your period. It could also mean that you are ovulating.

With regard to pregnancy what are other reasons for a closed cervix?

A closed cervix outside of pregnancy may be an idiopathic, treatable condition. Idiopathic means we don't know what causes it.

Where should the cervix be located two days before a period?

Your cervix should be low and firm. During ovulation with cervical musus the cervix is high and open and wet. After ovulation it is firm, low, and closed. If you are pregnant it will be high, soft, and closed.

What position should the cervix be in early pregnancy?

my cervix is high soft and closed and I'm 5 weeks preg.