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How long does it take to become eligible for health benefits in Canada if you are an American?


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Need more info first,,,what province are you in???I am not sure but I think as long as you have a Ontario address you are covered,I thnk that's the way it is in Ontario anyways not sure about the other provinces.


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you must first become a permanent resident by going through one of many programs (ex: skilled worker, investor). once you are a permanent resident, after living in canada for 3 out of 4 years, you are eligible to apply for citizenship of canada.

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There is multiple scenarios that make you eligible for Medicare: 1)When you turn 65 and you or your spouse has worked and paid Medicare taxes for at least 40 quarters or ten years 2)If you are under 65 and have become permanently disabled and have been receiving disability benefits for 24 months 3)If you have ALS aka Lou Gehrig's Disease you are eligible the first month you receive disability benefits. When you first become eligible you then have an Initial Coverage Election Period known as ICEP which lasts for 7 months (three months before you become eligible, the month of eligibility, and three months after) during which time you can review your various enrollment choices or stay with Original Medicare.

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Do you know that your child, parent, or former spouse may be able to receive Social Security benefits based on your work record? If you qualify for Social Security, and you retire, become disabled, or die, your unmarried child under 18 may be eligible for benefits. If your child is a full time student in the twelfth grade or lower, benefits may be paid through age 19. College students are not eligible. Your child, who became disabled before the age of 22, may receive benefits as long as he/she remains disabled. Your adult child, disabled since childhood, may also apply for benefits on your record, even if receiving benefits on his/her own. The benefits will be computed on both records, and the higher of the two will be paid. These benefits apply to your natural born children and adopted children. Your stepchildren are also eligible if you provided more than ½ of their support and you have not divorced their natural parent. In certain circumstances, similar benefits can be extended to your grandchildren, even step-grandchildren. Although you may be aware of benefits for your child, you may not realize that, if you should die, your parent may be entitled to Social Security benefits based on your record. If your parent is over 62 and you were providing over ½ of his/her support at the time of your death, he/she may be eligible if they do not qualify for equal or greater benefits on their own record. To receive benefits based on your record, your parent may not remarry after your death. These benefits apply to your natural parents, adoptive parents, or stepparents, who became your stepparents before you were 16. Even your former spouse may be eligible for Social Security based on your work record. If you retire or die, and your marriage lasted for at least 10 years, your former spouse is entitled to spousal benefits. If your former spouse is caring for your natural, adopted or disabled child under the age of 16, he/she is eligible for spousal benefits regardless of the length of your marriage.

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Minor children become eligible for dependent benefits at the same time you become eligible for disability or retirement benefits. If you are on Social Security, but your minor children aren't receiving a monthly payment, you may have neglected to fill out some of the paperwork or provide some of the documentation necessary to the process. You will need to take your and your children's birth certificates to your local field office, or contact Social Security by phone at 1-800-772-1213 between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:00 pm EST.

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