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How long does it take to stretch a muscle?


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14 seconds.


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The cell is long because the , muscle needs to stretch and contract when you use that muscle. Therefore it needs to be long in order to stretch.

I stretch 30 seconds each muscle I've used in a particular exercise.

the muscle spindle detects excessive stretch within the muscle , it response and makes the muscle contract

you run the risk of pulling a muscle and causing long term damage.

there are multiple debates on this. my thoughts are that you stretch the muscle before an athletic event for 30 seconds

the stretch reflex.stretch reflex.stretch reflex

If you think about your mind as if it were a muscle, you can figure this out. If you stretch a muscle, it gets stronger. If you stretch your mind, you think of new things and your mind gets smarter.

yes skeletal muscle stretch by means of contraction.

How do you get a muscle relaxer out your system

First put some ice on it. Then you should take a bath in warm water and epsom salt. Then take some pain reliever, then stretch the muscle.

They measure the rate of change of length of a muscle.

Before exercising you should stretch for 5-10 minutes.

its best to stretch with a warm muscle

A shoulder stretch focuses on your deltoid muscle .

They stretch to prevent muscle pulls, and other injuries.

I think a muscle cell forms tissues that can stretch

It all depends on how big you are going.

In the muscle that is being streached...point to it then have the client take a deep breath and tell them they should feel the streach here ( point to the location of the muscle being streached.) Hold it for no more the 20 sec.

Stretch!stretch again!Run, even if you run for 2 min. it helpsStretch!

There is a video demo of how to stretch here

The muscle in your shoulder.

Cardiac muscle has the ability to rapidly adapt the strength of contraction based on how much stretch there is in the muscle.

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