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How long for female sperm to reach egg?

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Only males have sperm. There is no such thing as female sperm.

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No, but she can receive or give STDs.

If the sperm are not "healthy" or present in enough numbers they will will not have the ability to reach and female egg and then penetrate and fertilize then egg.

It can take 12 - 72 hours for human sperm to reach the egg.

The eggs are fertilized before the female lays them, when she mates. The sperm swims to the eggs to fertilize them.

It usually takes between 3-5 days for Sperm to reach & fertilize the egg.

Between 100 to 500 sperm only reach the egg to be fertilized

In humans, the sperm cells must reach the female's fallopian tubes where the egg is located after ovulation.

If you are asking "how long does it take for the sperm to fertilize the egg once it penetrates the egg wall?", it is instantaneous. That's what "fertilized" means. If you are asking "how long does it take the sperm to fertilize the egg once it enters the female body?", there is no exact answer. it could take from a few minutes to a few days.

The sperm and egg cell reach each other in the water and fertalize the egg

Yes, it is possible for 2 sperm to reach the egg, however only one will fertilize the egg. It isn't uncommon for more than 2 to reach the egg, depending how are along the egg is down the falopian tube. And how much sperm was ejaculated.

The purpose of the female egg is to reproduce. If a sperm joins an egg, a baby results.

It swims to the egg and fertilize it.

The female egg is called the 'egg cell.' It is much larger than the male sperm cells. When the egg and sperm fuse a diploid cell (or zygote) is formed.

You want have a egg with your yummy breakfast.

Fast-swimming sperm can reach the egg in a half an hour, while others may take days. The sperm can live up to 48-72 hours.

It depends how fast they swim, for Michael Phelps not long.

it enables the sperm to move around to reach the egg

A sperm cell is used to fertilize an egg from a female. The combination of the sperm and the egg produces a fertilized egg which will become a new individual.

Fertilization is the process that results in the union of a male sperm cell and female egg cell.

I've heard that if the sperm do no reach their target - the unfertilised egg within 3 days, they die

It takes a few hours to reach it, and then about 20-30 minutes for a group of sperm to break down the outer membrane of the egg so one can fertilize it.

The sperm travels through the male and into the female. then it travels up the oviduct and there it meets the egg. then the sperm uses its special head to burrow into the egg.

The sperm normally fertilizes the egg in the fallopian tube.

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